Interviews in the Selah Zone

IMG_0709This morning we picked up these good Elders and then we all headed to the Selah Stake Center for interviews there with members of the Selah Zone.  We had a good day.IMG_0711There is camaraderie here.  We enjoy our missionaries.IMG_0714IMG_0720

Elder Oliverson and Elder Hamblin, serving in the Yakima 3rd WardIMG_0715Elder Oliverson:  3 things I love best about living in the WYM are 1. The greenery–it’s so green here!  2.  The people–how nice they are–some even listen to us!  3.  The Crazy People–you get epic stories to tell your children!

Elder Hamblin:  There are interesting/crazy people on the streets, we get funny stories.  It’s a beautiful place with lots of trees and good weather.  I love being surrounded by people who care about me (missionaries and members).

Elder Sandholtz and Elder Benjamin Olson, serving in the Yakima 2nd WardIMG_0732IMG_0716Elder Sandholtz:  I love Pres and Sister Lewis!  I love the diversity in the areas of our mission.  I love the spirit of “One for All and All for One.”

Elder Benjamin Olson:  I love the other missionaries.  They are awesome.  I love the good food from members.  I love the tolerable weather, and the 4 seasons.

Elder Calen Johnson and Elder Vejnar, Zone Leaders serving in the Selah 1st WardIMG_0718Elder Johnson:  I love President and Sister Lewis.  I have tons of friends here.  I’m happy the water is drinkable.

Elder Vejnar:  I love living in a small town for the experience of a different lifestyle.  I love that everyone knows everyone and they care about each other.  With all the differences we have, we all work together to fulfill our purpose.  I’ve also learned to love fresh home made pies with ice cream!

IMG_0721Elder Johnson will be heading home soon.  Take a look at his “trunky” planner covers:IMG_0726IMG_0727IMG_0728IMG_0729IMG_0730

Elder Hunt and Elder Tietjen, serving in the Naches WardIMG_0733Elder Hunt:  I love the FRUIT!!  Right now:  strawberries.  I love the cherries right off the tree and the apples.  I love President and Sister Lewis.  I love Country Folk.  They have interesting lives, really big dogs, usually 3 of them, and they cook really good food.

Elder Tietjen:  I love the Fall and Spring times.  I love the great friends I’ve made here.  I love the fruit.  Peaches are my favorite.IMG_0738

Sister McCourt and Sister Enman, serving in the Terrace Heights WardIMG_0739Sister McCourt:  I love the FRUIT!!  I love all of the amazing people I have worked with and the joy they have brought me.  I love how green everything is!

Sister Enman:  I love the people I’ve gotten to know including the ones not from WA.  I love the weather–it reminds me of home!  I love the free fruit–especially raspberries and cherries!IMG_0740And some fun planner covers:IMG_0741IMG_0742IMG_0743

A delicious gift from the Sisters!IMG_0745Planning finished!IMG_0749IMG_0744Sister Shepherd and Sister Lowham, serving in the Selah 2nd WardIMG_0747Sister Shepherd:  The members here make the best food!  I love all the animals . . . NOT!  The scenery is amazing!

Sister Lowham:  There are so many amazing people and members here.  The fruit is so good here.  I love the seasons and the mountains.

IMG_0750Cherry skirt Love!IMG_0752

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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