A note from Pres Lewis to all who plan to visit the WYM:


We are grateful for the close bonds that form between WYM missionaries, especially as you all labor together on behalf of Heavenly Father’s children in this area.  Once you are released, we hope you will continue to stay in touch with those currently serving through email and letters.  However, any other contact with currently serving missionaries is not appropriate.  As the WHB outlines, “visits from family members, friends, and acquaintances are against Church policy.”  Once a missionary is released, he/she is considered a “friend” to missionaries who are still serving.

We ask that returned missionaries not make contact with currently serving missionaries in any way other than email and letters—no phone calls, no texts, no messages through members, etc.  There should be no arranged meetings or appearances at missionary apts, district/zone meetings, member dinners, etc.  Please help members understand this guideline and ask them to avoid setting up fun dinners at their homes where visiting missionaries will mingle with currently serving missionaries.  If the visiting missionary happens to bump into a currently serving missionary at church or elsewhere, their greeting should be brief and avoid creating a distraction for the serving missionary.  As the WHB states, after a visit from a friend “It can often take some time for missionaries to refocus on their callings and their work.”  Some missionaries will have great difficulty focusing on the work after spending time with a returned missionary friend from the WYM.

We have asked our currently serving missionaries to always follow this policy.  We know our amazing returned missionaries will not want to distract the currently serving missionaries from staying completely focused on the Lord’s work while still engaged as full-time missionaries.  We’re grateful for your loving support.


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