Elder Kneip, Monday Night

2017-7-3 pmElder Kneip is feeling better and better.  He spent the day with our Yakima ZLs and came home happy this evening.  The doctors have identified his problem and he’s got good meds to take care of things now.  Tomorrow he’ll be heading to the Wenatchee Zone to finish out the transfer there.  We’re so happy he’s doing so well.

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    Dear President and Sister Lewis,
    My name is Joan Yarrington. I am writing to tell you of a wonderful act of service that Elders Nunez, Sanchez, Hogeland, and Olivias, and Sisters Robinson and Powell did for my aunt, Peggy Young, who lives at 1123 So. 11th Ave in Yakima. I am an ordinance worker in the Bountiful Temple and when I got home from my shift at 9:30 Wednesday night I received a phone call from her. She shared with me that her neighbor had complained that her lilac bush had overgrown the fence and was scratching their vehicles and she needed to get it taken care of. Aunt Peggy is a widow and is in her 80’s. (Her late husband, Uncle Dick, is my deceased Mother’s brother.) Peggy’s grown children do not live close by, so she decided to tackle the project herself. A neighbor saw her efforts and came over with a chain saw to cut some of the bigger branches, but left the debris, which she was cutting up and putting into large construction plastic bags. As she was working and wishing that she had some help, two young men in white shirts came up and asked her if she needed help and volunteered their services. It was a big project and they were not done when they had to leave, but they asked if they could come back tomorrow at 1:00 and finish the job. She wasn’t sure if they would really come back, so the next morning while it was cool she went out and worked until noon. By then her back was sore (she has scoliosis and has lost 4 inches of height) and she went in the house and laid down on her bed. Soon there was a knock at the door and it was Elder Nunez and Elder Sanchez, and they had brought 2 more Elders and 2 Sisters to help. Aunt Peggy was absolutely happily astonished and she said they filled about 12 of those large black garbage bags and in not much time everything was all cleaned up. They wanted to share the gospel with her, but she let them know she is Catholic and reads her scriptures every day and says her prayers. (I can assure you that she does, which is very unusual for the typical Catholic, but she has a very sweet and pure spirit about her and I am sure she will accept the Gospel when she gets to the other side and is greeted by all our now temple endowed deceased family members.) She did let the missionaries know that her niece (me) and a nephew (my cousin Mickey Duke) are Mormons and that I was in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ( – I retired in 2011 after 15 years of service as a musical missionary with the awesome commission to sing the gospel to the world.) So then they asked if they could say a prayer with her, and she consented. She said they gave the most beautiful prayer and blessed her and her family. And then they thanked her for letting them help her. She said that she told them she should be the one thanking them for all their hard work. I am certain that the Lord heard her silent prayer for help (her husband’s Temple work has been done – he probably was involved and sent your faithful ordained servants to her aid. As they worked she asked them their names and where they were from. She said the first names of all the young men were ‘Elder’, but the sisters revealed their first names. Sister Robinson’s name is Sophie which is dear to Aunt Peggy because that is the name of my Grandma Young who lived on Fairbanks Ave. in Yakima as well (Temple work is also done for her). Aunt Peggy loved her dearly because she was more of a mother to her than her own mother. Sister Robinson also said that her mother Rochelle works in the Salt Lake Temple on Tuesday mornings so I was able to get in touch with her. (Aunt Peggy wondered if I knew her because she knows I work in the Temple, but I’m in the Bountiful Temple.) Sister Rochelle Robinson wants me to let Aunt Peggy know that she “cherishes the fact that she wanted to tell me about my daughter and to thank her from the bottom of a mother’s heart.” As a mother of missionaries, I know how wonderful it is to hear that your children are serving well, for when you are in the service of your fellow men, you are only in the service of your God. And for me nothing brings more joy to my heart than that.
    As a side note I am a convert to the Church and I love the Lord and His Gospel with all my heart. I joined the Church as a 15 year old and was baptized May 14, 1966. A couple weeks after my baptism my parents sent me up to spend the summer in Yakima with my Young cousins and grandparents to de-mormonize me, but it didn’t work! I will attach my conversion story to this letter. I want you to know that I love Elder Nunez and Elder Sanchez for listening to the Spirit and stopping to help and then bringing more help. The seeds that they planted may not bear fruit in this life, but life goes on in the spirit world. My mother (who died when I was 8) appeared to my Catholic stepmother and told her that she is not really dead—she is just living away. I know Aunt Peggy will always remember this loving act of service and that she will accept the Gospel someday.
    Gratefully, your sister in Christ,

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