Interviews with the Othello Zone

2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (1)Our next stop was in Moses Lake to visit with these fine Elders and Hermanas.

This is the Family History Library where the missionaries email home each week:2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (3)Remember flip phones??  They are alive and well in our missionary world!2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (5)

Elder Reusch and Elder Colunga, serving in the Othello Zone, Mattawa Waluke Ward2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (7)Elder Reusch:  The people here are awesome–super big families, and they drop everything to help us.  Every area here is unique.  I love the small town personalities.  It’s the best mission in the world because of Pres & Sis Lewis.

Elder Colunga:  The people are amazing–the members are super nice and willing to do anything for missionaries.  I love the beautiful places (mountains, rivers, trees).  I love that we have 4 seasons here.

We also feature slider phones:2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (8)2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (9)

Hermana Mangum and Hermana Shewell, serving in Warden2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (11)Hermana Mangum:  The people here are great and welcoming and truly desire to be your friend and talk about your passions, such as the gospel.  The food is great–and the Hispanics really know how to cook!  I love the excitement everyone has for missionary work!

Hermana Shewell:  I love building friendships with the people, the changes in the scenery and the COWS!

Elder Kiser and Elder Aguilar, Zone Leaders serving in the Othello 1st & 4th Wards2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (15)Elder Kiser:  I have a bunch of new best friends that I can visit whenever I want since I live so close to the WYM.  I love the fact that I have Pres & Sis Lewis who are perfect for me.  They have been so inspired for me specifically.  I love the missionaries that were sent here to be the WYM–they’ve become my best friends.

Elder Aguilar:  I love the agriculture (farming, fields and crops and the cows).  I love having No Bills!  I love the accents, or how people here say things:  “a couple three” or “worshington” or “a worshing machine.”

2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (18)

Elder Christensen and Elder Hodges, serving in the Othello 2nd & 4th Wards2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (20)Elder Christensen:  I love all the missionaries–the atmosphere, the same standards, the feeling of Zion and one heart and one mind.  I love the people–the members are awesome, humble and hard-working.  I love the beauty of the landscape of this area. We have mountains, flat lands, desert, rivers.

Elder Hodges:  I love the members and their love for missionary work.  I love the desire every missionary has to serve.  I love the companions who want to work with everyone.

Elder Gaeta and Elder Horsley, serving in the Othello 3rd & 4th Wards2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (24)Elder Gaeta:  I love meeting people, seeing people’s lives change and having crazy experiences/memories.

Elder Horsley:  I love that we are a family.  I love that “Yakima” sounds Asian.  We get stuffs done here.

Pres Lewis and I are always trying to melt Elder Horsley’s set smile into a natural one. Today it happened!!  Beautiful!!2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (26)2017-7-5 Interviews in Moses Lake (27)

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