Saturday Interviews in The Dalles Zone

This morning we were up bright and early and we headed south to do interviews with missionaries in The Dalles Zone, starting in Goldendale.  It was another happy day in paradise!

2017-7-8 Goldendale Interviews (1)Sister Wadman and Sister Field, serving in Goldendale2017-7-8 Goldendale Interviews (3)Sister Wadman:  3 things I love about living in the WYM are the beautiful orchards, the way kind people and the yummy fruit.  My favorites are apples, cherries and peaches.

Sister Field:  The people here are amazing and have wonderful testimonies.  This area is beautiful and reminds me of home!  The missionaries we work with are so GREAT!!2017-7-8 Goldendale Interviews (5)Goldendale’s building:2017-7-8 Goldendale Interviews (6)2017-7-8 Goldendale Interviews (7)Wind turbines on the way to The Dalles.  You can see the Maryhill Museum in the center of this car window photo:2017-7-8 Goldendale Interviews (8)Here’s a bit about this museum.  We haven’t had time to visit it yet.  Bucket List.


In 1907, Samuel Hill purchased 5,300 acres of land along the Columbia River with the dream of establishing a Quaker farming community. He formed the Maryhill Land Company, named after his daughter, and set about building a town. The village included a store and post office, a Quaker church, an inn, a blacksmith’s shop and a stable.

In 1914, work began on a hilltop mansion that was to be Hill’s home. But the remote location of Maryhill and the lack of irrigation proved insurmountable obstacles and the land company failed. Construction of Hill’s mansion stopped in 1917.

Loïe Fuller

It was then that a friend of Hill’s—Loïe Fuller, a pioneer of modern dance living in Paris—convinced him to turn his would-be mansion into a museum of art. Fuller’s close association with well known artists in France, helped build the core of the museum’s collection, including the acquisition of more than 80 works by French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Hill also transferred his own art collections to the museum.

Marie, Queen of Romania

Although still unfinished, the museum was dedicated in 1926 by Sam Hill’s friend, Queen Marie of Romania (the granddaughter of Britain’s Queen Victoria), in a ceremony that received national attention and was attended by more than 2,000 people.

In 1931, Hill, on his way to address the Oregon legislature on behalf of the Good Roads Association, became ill and died three weeks later at the age of 73.

Alma de Bretteville Spreckles

Hill’s death and the drawn out settlement of his estate delayed progress on the museum, which was filled with unpacked crates of art. In 1937, Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, the wife of San Francisco sugar magnate Adolf Spreckels and a friend of Hill’s, took up the task of finishing the museum. She was elected to the newly-formed board of trustees and donated artwork from her personal collection. Under her guidance, the museum was opened to the public on Sam Hill’s birthday, May 13, 1940.


The Dalles Ward building:2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (1)2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (2)Elder Adams and Elder West welcomed us!2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (3)Elder West and Elder Adams, serving in The Dalles Spanish areas2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (4)Elder West:  I love the free fruit (cherries and nectarines are my favorites).  I love crashing Mexican parties.  I love the general feeling of small town agricultural culture here, and the felling up north of adventure and “untamed wilds.”

Elder Adams:  I love how friendly and sincere the people here are.  I love the delicious fruit.  I love the Columbia River, giving life and beauty to this place.2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (5)Elder West shared his goals for the final months of his mission with me:2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (7)Excellent goals.  Well done.2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (8)

Elder Putnam and Elder Hansen, serving in the Dalles 1st Ward2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (12)Elder Putnam:  The members here are awesome–always willing to give support, feed and help us with our investigators.  The fresh fruit is great.  Apples are my #1 favorite.  The people here are friendly and willing to talk to us.

Elder Hansen:  The members here are Awesome!  Twice our groceries have been paid for and we are often given gifts and meals.  The food is great (#I am camping) (all food tastes better when you’re camping!).  My testimony is Better and Better every day!

2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (14)

Elder Bird and Elder Poloncic, Zone Leaders serving in The Dalles 2nd Ward2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (18)Elder Bird:  I love, love, love the people!  I love being out in the hot sun in a long-sleeved shirt and dark pants, drenched in joy.  We have the Best Mission President & his wife & the Best Missionaries!

Elder Poloncic:  This mission has the best views/scenery of hills and mountains such as Mt Hood and Mt Adams.  The communities and churches want to get involved to serve others.  You get to learn a lot about farming and agriculture here.  I love the best fresh grown fruit.

2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (15)Elder Bird has been serious about Elder Anderson’s counsel to our missionaries to memorize 10 scriptures from the Book of Mormon and 10 from the New Testament.  He recited all of these first 10 to me today!2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (17)2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (22)2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (24)Fellow Servants.2017-7-8 The Dalles Interviews (26)

Then we drove on to Hood River, another 30 minutes down the Gorge.  Hood River is the Wind Surfing Capital of The World.  Here are a couple of very quick photos as we drove by:2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (1)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (2)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (3)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (4)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (5)Arriving at the church:2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (6)

Elder Christiansen and Elder Olson, serving in the Stevenson Ward2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (8)Elder Christiansen:  I love that Stevenson is the most beautiful part of the mission!  I love being around the people.  I love having time set aside to study the scriptures.

Elder Olson:  I love the crazy awesome people in WA.  I love the beautiful scenery and all of the fresh fruit here.  I especially love that it’s cherry season right now.

2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (10)Elder and Sister Oman, serving in the Stevenson and White Salmon Wards2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (11)Elder Oman:  I love the beautiful people that live here.  It’s a beautiful area to live in.  I have a wonderful companion that makes life great.

Sister Oman:  I love the ward members, both active and less-active.  I love the wonderful Ward Mission Leaders.  I love this beautiful world and especially the Columbia River.

2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (12)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (13)Hood River, Stevenson, and White Salmon missionaries2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (14)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (17)Elder Najarian and Elder Rigby, serving in the Hood River Spanish area2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (18)Elder Najarian:  I love Pres and Sis Lewis.  I love the unique people we teach (a certain class of Mexicans).  The geography here is unique–we have orchards, deserts, mountains, rivers and wonderful people.

Elder Rigby:  I love the attitude of love, the senior missionaries and the diversity of the people here.

Hermana Fano had her Exit Interview with Pres Lewis.2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (20)Hermana Burrup and Hermana Fano, serving in the White Salmon Ward2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (21)Hermana Burrup:  for being so close to my home, this is another world.  We have the best and most loving mission leaders.  There are awesome and supportive members everywhere.

Hermana Fano:  I love HARVEST SEASON!  I love my wonderful family in Moses Lake, Sunnyside, Royal and White Salmon.  I love Presidente y Hermana Lewis!

Look, another floral sofa!2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (23)We didn’t finish until 8:30 this evening.  We took the Hnas to the Lake Tacos for dinner, but they had closed, so we went into town and had a nice dinner.2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (24)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (25)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (27)MMMMMmmmmm good!2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (29)2017-7-8 zHood River Interviews (32)Love these missionaries.  Love these long full days of goodness.

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