Interviews in Sunnyside

2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (1)Today was our Last Day of Interviews for this transfer cycle!  We finished up in the Lower Valley, just south of Yakima, beginning with Sunnyside.  Everyone Loves Sunnyside!  Especially these good missionaries!

Elder Hansen and Elder Allen, serving in Sunnyside2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (2)Elder Hansen:  3 things I love best about living in the WYM:  all the free fruit (my favorites are apples & cherries), there is not lots of rain, and the people here are fun–they love to talk and chat with us!

Elder Allen:  I love how everyone is really accepting of one another.  I love how we are generally trying our best to be obedient.  I love the people that we talk to.  Most of them are very nice.

Elder Hansen with his Sister Lewis handouts.2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (5)

Elder Hibbard and Elder Tapia, serving in the Sunnyside West Spanish area2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (7)Elder Hibbard:  I love all the fresh fruit here.  Especially Ranier cherries and apples.  I love the Hispanic culture (food parties, stores) (favorite foods:  Posoli soup, carne asada and NOT tripe).  I love the kind and generous people here.

Elder Tapia:  People give us apples and cherries.  There are tons of Hispanics here and I get to learn English as a Spanish missionary!

2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (8)2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (10)

Hermana Faulk and Hermana Hurst, serving in the Sunnyside East Spanish area2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (12)Hermana Faulk:  I love the culture and how supportive everyone is because I really feel like we are all a family and can lean on each other.  I love the people!  They seek to reach out and suport and help everyone and also they help with language questions and such.  I love the split between Spanish and English and knowing both cultures and being able to really learn from both.

Hermana Hurst:  We have the best people in the world here in the WYM!  I’m becoming less of a spice wimp!  I love that I get to feel the Spirit ALL the time!

2017-7-11 Interviews in Sunnyside (14)

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