Interviews in Toppenish

2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (1)Our last interview stop today was in Toppenish with the 6 Elders serving here and in Zillah.

Elder Goodwin and Elder Dalton serving in Zillah2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (2)Elder Goodwin:  I love the blessings of a mission–we do lots of service here.  It’s a new place to me, but not unfamiliar.  I love the people.  Behind every door is a different personality.  I love that the weather is 90 degrees, not 120!

Elder Dalton:  I love the people–they are down to earth farmers and they tell fun stories.  I love the scenery–the orchards and all the different fruits.  It makes me happy because I know this is where I needed to be.  I’ve learned a lot about life here, and what I want to get out of it.2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (6)

Elder DeBry and Elder Anderson, serving in the Toppenish West area2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (7)Elder DeBry:  I love the unique people with interesting backgrounds, stories, cultures.  I love working with Hispanics and Native Americans here.  I love the memories I’m making and the miracles we see every day–the tender mercies.  I love the agriculture and the fruit!  Ranier cherries are my favorite.  I also love the people behind the fruit.  They work so hard.  I don’t like smelling the hops, but I LOVE smelling the peppermint fields at night.

Elder Anderson:  I love the fresh fruit–all of it.  My favorite apples are Honeycrisp.  I love the variety and different types of people here.  I love the 1st generation Hispanics and the 2nd generation Hispanic/Americans.  There are farmers and ranchers and humble hard workers.  I love the smell of the fields, especially the peppermint in the evenings.

Elder Anderson and Elder DeBry are teaching about 30 people right now.  They are amazing.2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (9)2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (12)

Elder Woodfield and Elder Ramirez, serving in the Toppenish East area2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (14)Elder Woodfield:  I love missionary work, every day, all day.  I really love teaching investigators and getting to know people I wouldn’t know otherwise.  I love the fruit.  It’s better here than anywhere else I’ve ever had it.  Peaches and apricots are my favorites. And the cherries.  I’d never eaten a cherry before!  I love the nice weather here and the changing seasons.  Spring is my favorite.  My home in Texas is only hot or cold.

Elder Ramirez:  I love meeting the funny people in the different wards.  It’s a lot like home (here) as far as geography goes.  I love the areas with high Mexican populations and the Mexican food here.  Tortas are my favorite.

Here are the scriptures Elder Woodfield is memorizing:2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (16)Our Toppenish building:2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (17)2017-7-11 Interviews in Toppenish (18)

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