The Yakima Valley YSA Branch and a Special Meeting about using Social Media

2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (1)These are our Yakima Valley Young Single Adult missionaries!  We have several YSA Branches throughout the mission and the missionaries LOVE serving with youth their age in these Branches.  Today Pres Lewis and I were invited to speak to this YSA group during the 3rd hour of church about using Social Media in Missionary Work.

Our Yakima Zone Leaders, Elder Hughes and Elder Hoskins were in charge of this meeting and helped prepare for it.2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (3)Sisters Don and Harty greeting everyone as they came in with info about the upcoming events in the branch and pass along cards, hot off the press.2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (4)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (6)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (7)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (8)President Finch is the Fabulous Branch President.  We all love him and his wife, Lezli.2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (9)Here’s the plan we followed:2017-7-16 YSA Branch Yakima (37)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (12)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (13)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (14)Afterwards we had some refreshments while we practiced sending messages from to our friends.2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (15)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (16)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (17)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (18)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (19)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (20)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (21)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (23)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (24)We are all SAD that Elder Hoskins is heading home Tuesday.  We will really MISS him. He had his Exit Interview this afternoon with Pres Lewis.2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (25)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (26)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (27)You will recognize many of these beautiful faces from their baptism photos posted since we’ve been here!2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (28)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (29)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (30)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (31)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (33)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (34)2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (35)Well done, Elders!2017-7-16 YSA Ward Yakima (36)

Here are a few of the things I mentioned when it was my turn:

4 things to keep in mind when using Facebook and Social Media

  1. Purposefully seek friends to add to your friends lists.  Broaden your circles.  Consider friends from your High School Alumni groups, your home town, your college roommates and friends, and your relatives.
  2.  Be Interesting.  Post interesting things.  Post variety.  (No one really wants to look at another picture of a cat or what you ate for dinner.)  Look for interesting content to share.  Don’t post trash.  Be credible.   Avoid politics and contention or bashing.  Consider the power of words as a MEANS to bring about good.
  3. Why People Post:  They are Proud of Something or They are Troubled about Something.  If they are proud, celebrate with them and cheer them on.  Give more than a “like” click.  SAY something.  Let them hear your voice and see your name next to it.  If they are troubled, cheer them up, comfort and encourage.  Share a thought or something meaningful with them.  Let them associate you with goodness and feeling uplifted.
  4. Be known among your friends as a Positive Voice for Good.  When appropriate, post messages from  Let these messages stand out by not over-posting. Layer your testimony with the testimonies of others.

We can use Social Media with our friends to show we remember them, value them and are interested in their lives.  We can help them to see we are happy, normal friends who love life and love others.  Take every opportunity you can to cheer and to comfort and lift your friends.  Your friends will value your friendship, and feel your influence.

It’s not all about ME.  It’s all about THEM!

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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