Monday at the Office

IMG_4771Today is the day our faithful Highlander car will be retired from our service.  When mission vehicles get close to 50,000 miles, they are sold, and we’re close!  We’ve had this wonderful car for 2 years now, and have spent many many hours in it.

To give you an idea, from San Francisco to New York City is 2500 miles.  That means in the last 2 years we could have made that trip 20 times!  We have covered a lot of ground!

When we arrived in 2015, the APs put this post-it note TIWI in our window.  It’s monitored our driving ever since!IMG_4773IMG_4775Here is our new car!IMG_4776And here are our faithful missionaries!IMG_4777Elder Johnson’s family ran into Elder Cannon’s family in Hawaii!!IMG_4779IMG_4780IMG_4782IMG_4783IMG_4784IMG_4785IMG_4786IMG_4787IMG_4788IMG_4789This afternoon Pres Lewis had a Presidency meeting with his counselors:IMG_4791And I stopped by a fruit stand on my way home for some produce for tomorrow’s MLC.IMG_4793

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