The History of LDS Missionary Name Tags

Have you ever wondered when LDS Missionaries began wearing name tags?

2015-9-1 MLC (78)

There were no standardized name tags before the 1950s.  Between 1950 and 1980 individual missions began to allow and then authorize name tags. In August 1980 a standard name tag for full-time missionaries was approved by the Church and the Provo Missionary Training Center Bookstore was asked to be the name tag source for missions and missionary training centers. Missionaries were required to purchase their own name tags and arrangements were made for missions and MTCs to purchase name tags from the Provo MTC Bookstore.

In February 1990 the Church directed that each new missionary be provided with their first name tag at no cost. Additional name tags could be ordered through the Provo MTC Bookstore. In October 1996 the new Church logo was introduced. The Church directed that the Provo MTC Bookstore serve as the single source in the Church for full-time missionary name tags.

This information is from my friend Ryan Combs, Church History Specialist at the Church History Library.

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