Dinner at Tijuana’s in Quincy with the APs

2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (1)These are long days and we don’t stop for food.  Pres Lewis always loves it when there’s a good Mexican restaurant nearby.  When we’re in Quincy, we sometimes get to eat at Tijuana’s.  This evening we took the APs so we could plan for next week’s big Super MLC.2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (2)The food is great.  We cleaned our plates!2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (3)2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (4)2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (5)2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (6)2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (7)Here are a few car shots from the drive home.  There is smoke in the air again and the sun has turned red.2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (10)We see so many semis hauling hay and bins of apples.  They are everywhere we go.2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (11)2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (12)Cut hay drying.2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (13)This was taken this morning on our way through Ellensburg.  A crop duster helicopter spraying a sunflower field.2017-9-1 aTT&T Quincy (1.5)Here is the same field this evening.  The flower heads are all bowed.2017-9-1 zTijuanas Dinner (16)

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