Making Plans for a Super MLC

2017-9-2 AP Planning (3)We met with the APs today to plan for next week’s Super Mission Leadership Council. Once or twice a year we bring all the mission leaders–Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and District Leaders together for a special MLC.  We have about 50 leaders in the mission, and so many are new, it’s time to have some special training for them.

Today we laid the plans for the meeting which will be held Tuesday from 9:00 until 3:00.2017-9-2 AP Planning (4)2017-9-2 AP Planning (5)2017-9-2 AP Planning (6)Here’s a look at how the board looks today.  It’s filling up again!  Our count for incoming missionaries next transfer is up to 28!  Oh my, they are coming in droves!  Word must be out that this is the best mission in the country!2017-9-2 AP Planning (7)2017-9-2 AP Planning (8)2017-9-2 AP Planning (9)APs are really good at helping us finish of leftovers.  Thank goodness for that!2017-9-2 AP Planning (10)

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