Interviews in Othello

IMG_8783Here is the rest of our fearless Othello Zone, in Othello town.  The Zone Leaders, Elder Aguilar and Elder Nunez were working on their Stake Reports for their correlation meeting this evening.IMG_8784IMG_8785

Hermana Graff and Hermana Mangum, serving in the Ward in Warden IMG_8788Hermana Graff:  If I could have and 3 wishes, they would be:  to travel as much as wanted, to go to the Olympics (she’s an ice skater), and for my whole family to live on the same street, with everyone going to church together.  My favorite dress or skirt is anything comfy and loose!

Hermana Mangum:  my 3 wishes:  A Spanish Branch in Warden!  A world where everyone knew their worth!  That Hna Graff could eat gluten and dairy so we could celebrate and have pazokies together!

Tracting bags:IMG_8786IMG_8790

Elder Christensen, Elder Hodges and Elder Amat, serving in the Othello 2nd & 4th WardsIMG_8791Elder Christensen:  my 3 wishes:  Eternal life, more ability to do things (more physical strength and endurance), and a closeness to our Savior.  My favorite tie is blue and has a design that looks like rocks.  It kinda looks like a castle.

Elder Hodges:  my 3 wishes:  that everyone could hear the message of the Restoration, that everyone would be home when we tract, and that I could have no FEAR.  My favorite tie is yellow, it’s fat, and it fills my shirt with brightness and joy.

Elder Amat:  my 3 wishes:  chocolate fountains for everyone!  No more disease in the world.  That my dog could be a bit long-lasting till I die.  I’m wearing my favorite tie–it’s maroon with flowers.

Tracting bags:IMG_8794IMG_8799IMG_8801Elder Hodges added a yellow pocket for his pamphlets:IMG_8802A favorite recipe from Elder Hodges:IMG_8803Picking up supplies:IMG_8804IMG_8805IMG_8807

Elder Medina and Elder Cox, serving in the Othello 3rd & 4th WardsIMG_8818Elder Medina:  3 wishes:  to fly around like an angel, fighting crime and preaching the gospel!  To be married to the woman of my dreams in the temple and to have children.  I want to be rich and humble with my squad.  My favorite tie is a red floral with many colors.

Elder Cox:  3 wishes:  I would wish for more wishes.  I wish I could find my mini Hymnbook.  I wish that I could be the funniest comedian in the western hemisphere.  My favorite tie is classy, but not too flashy.  It’s subtle, but it captures people’s attention.  It’s also some shade of blue with a floral print.

A funny Mom Note from this smokey land:IMG_8808Tracting bags:IMG_8810IMG_8812I’m loving Elder Cox’s MTC Spanish Vocab Lists.  I’m going to learn these words!IMG_8813IMG_8814IMG_8815IMG_8816IMG_8817

Elder Nunez and Elder Aguilar, Zone Leaders serving in the Othello 1st Ward & 4th SpanishIMG_8819Elder Nunez:  3 wishes:  I wish more people would trust God without doubting.  I wish I could share the answers to things the world doesn’t have–to be able to help people feel and believe the truth.  I wish that people would be open to listen to what we have to share.  My favorite ties are the ones my companions have given me.

Elder Aguilar:  3 wishes:  I would wish to be in my 20s for the rest of my life, to not have to pay bills, and to look like the Rock.  My favorite tie is a knit navy blue square tie with red and gray stripes.

Tracting supplies and bag:IMG_8821IMG_8822Designed by himself:IMG_8823The smoke hangs heavy in the air everywhere we go.  In real life, that sun was bright red.IMG_8825IMG_8839

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