Stopping in Wenatchee

2017-9-16 zWenatchee (9)Tonight after our Moses Lake Zone Conference, we drove 1.5 hours over to Wenatchee to see some missionaries there.  Wenatchee is beautiful, even with all the smoke.2017-9-16 zWenatchee (14)

2017-9-16 zWenatchee (8)

2017-9-16 zWenatchee (19)We pulled into the church parking lot to find one of the Wenatchee wards having a ward social/BBQ.  They invited us to join them while we waited.  It was so fun.2017-9-16 zWenatchee (1)2017-9-16 zWenatchee (2)We love being with our missionaries, every day, every hour of the day.2017-9-16 zWenatchee (3)Here’s the bishop with his apple press.  They pressed enough apple juice to feed the entire ward this evening!2017-9-16 zWenatchee (21)2017-9-16 zWenatchee (22)2017-9-16 zWenatchee (25)Then we headed home.  2 more hours of driving.  It’s been a wonderfully long week of goodness.

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