Stake Correlation Meetings in Selah and Yakima

2017-9-17 Sunday (4)Pres Lewis gets pretty excited about missionary work!  This afternoon we attended Stake Correlation Meetings in Selah and then in Yakima.  Here are our faithful Zone Leaders who prepare for these meetings where we review all the missionary work going on in each ward in the stakes.2017-9-17 Sunday (5)Elder Powell and Elder Black, Zone Leaders in Selah.  Elder Tapia and Elder Bown, Zone Leaders in Yakima Valley, which spreads across both stakes with the Spanish work.2017-9-17 Sunday (8)Elder Bennett Packard is the Stake President in the Selah Stake:2017-9-17 Sunday (9)2017-9-17 Sunday (10)2017-9-17 Sunday (11)2017-9-17 Sunday (12)2017-9-17 Sunday (13)

Then we headed to Yakima for the next meeting with the Yakima Stake Presidency members.  Pres Hendricks wasn’t able to be here today, so his counselor and mission leader helped.2017-9-17 Sunday (14)Elder Johnson and Elder Putman represented the Yakima Zone (English) and Elders Bown and Tapia represented the Spanish work.2017-9-17 Sunday (15)2017-9-17 Sunday (16)2017-9-17 Sunday (17)2017-9-17 Sunday (18)Careful care is taken for every single person being taught and for every recent convert. It’s a joy to watch.

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