Monday at the Office

2017-9-18 Monday Office (1)Here’s a look at who dropped by the office today.  There weren’t too many missionaries emailing here today.  We’ve shared the building with the LDS Employment Center until a couple of weeks ago.  They didn’t come in on Mondays, so we were able to let missionaries use their computers.  Now they are gone and some of the computers are going too, so we are seeing fewer missionaries here on Mondays.2017-9-18 Monday Office (9)Here’s the view down the hall from the side door towards Sister Call’s desk:2017-9-18 Monday Office (10)This is the conference room we all share, where missionaries usually email:2017-9-18 Monday Office (11)2017-9-18 Monday Office (2)2017-9-18 Monday Office (3)The APs use Elder Pendlebury’s and Elder Call’s computers while we are in our meetings.2017-9-18 Monday Office (4)Office staff meeting:2017-9-18 Monday Office (5)Apple season!! 2017-9-18 Monday Office (6)Sister Pendlebury’s devotional thought:2017-9-18 Monday Office (7)2017-9-18 Monday Office (8)After our meeting, there were NO MISSIONARIES anywhere.  So you get a picture of the copy machines instead.2017-9-18 Monday Office (12)Signing letters:2017-9-18 Monday Office (13)That’s all for today!

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