Potato Harvest in Royal, and some Corn

Late tonight I headed for the potato fields in Royal with Tyson Allred.  While Pres Lewis read the letters of the missionaries we’ll see tomorrow, I got to see TONS of potatoes being harvested.  This is a remarkable process.2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (1)The trucks at the left bring the potatoes in from the fields.  There are 7 trucks running non-stop.  This shift goes from 3:00 p.m. until after midnight.  The 2 Diggers in the fields dig up 3-4 rows of potatoes at a time, about 20 feet across.  The potatoes grow in about 12″ of soil, with about 7-9 potatoes per plant.  The Diggers lift the potatoes out of the soil, and separate the greens.  A different tractor pulls a huge heavy thing over the field later to even out the ground again.  Sorry I don’t know the names of all of the pieces of equipment.

The potatoes are emptied from the trucks onto a conveyor belt that shakes the dirt and rocks out, then the women by the lights look for any more rocks or rotten potatoes before they are loaded into the semi trucks to be taken to the processing plant in Quincy.2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (18)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (19)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (3)

2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (4)These potatoes are moving FAST.  The truck empties in minutes!2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (6)This variety of potato is used for french fries.  2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (7)

Here’s the machinery that does something important.  2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (10)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (11)Take a look at the size of these!2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (12)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (14)

These potatoes go up the conveyor belt to the waiting semi trucks.  About 20 trucks like this are filled in a day.  Amazing.2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (16)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (17)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (20)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (21)Derek and Tyson Allred2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (23)Next we drove out to the field where the Diggers were harvesting.  This week 120 acres were harvested.  This is the machine that separates the potatoes from the plants and dirt.2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (24)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (25)2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (26)The trucks drive right alongside the Digger, and the potatoes fill them.  It took about 9 minutes to fill a truck!  The Digger is pulled by a huge tractor:2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (27)Digger and truck, side by side at 11:30 p.m.2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (29)

Next we headed to a corn field that will be harvested tomorrow.  Just a few weeks ago I was eating sugar snap peas grown in this very field.  Now the corn is here, ready to harvest!  Tyson brought me several cobs, then taught me to eat them raw.  That was my lunch/dinner for today.  It was delicious!2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (34)Here’s the one I ate.2017-9-19 zPotato Harvest Royal (36)I love farm life.  I love it so much.  This place is like heaven.

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