Interviews in Ephrata

2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (1)It’s a rainy day in Ephrata!  Hopefully all of the fires around the state are calming down now with this moisture.  2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (2)Creative missionary parking jobs (so they don’t have to back each other up).2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (4)2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (5)

Elder Bird and Elder Lucio, serving in the Ephrata 3rd Ward2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (10)Elder Jeremiah Bird:  I wish for world peace.  I wish to always have the Spirit with me.  I wish my sisters to have good grades.  My favorite tie is white with light blue stripes.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (12)Elder Kiona Dineh Kealakai Emmett Lucio:  I wish to be able to see everyone the way our Father in Heaven sees them.  I wish to see the impact I’ve left on others.  I wish to have the ability to read minds.  My favorite tie is black, sleek, shiny and has red flowers.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (6)

Elder Ramirez and Elder Holley, serving in the Ephrata 3rd Spanish area2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (18)Elder Ramirez:  I wish for a happy future family.  I wish for guaranteed physical health and energy.  I wish for the tongue of angels.  My favorite tie is black with red circles in a descending pattern.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (15)Elder Holley:  I wish to have a light saber (it’s a Star Wars thing).  I wish to live in Japan.  I wish to be able to fly.  My favorite tie is a green tie my recent convert gave me.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (16)

Sister Boehmer and Sister Judd, serving in the Ephrata 2nd Ward2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (21)Sister Boehmer:  I wish to be married in the temple.  I wish to be a mermaid.  I wish to be an example of a woman of faith.  My favorite dress is long, purple, black and silver with flowers.  2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (19)Sister Judd:  I wish to go on a trip to Europe (Greece and Italy especially).  I wish to visit every Disneyland/Disneyworld in the world.  I wish to get a cute little house completely furnished that comes with a golden retriever in the front yard.  My favorite skirt is a blush pink with a lacy sheer layer over the lace.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (22)

Elder West and Elder  Najarian, Zone Leaders in Ephrata, serving in the Ephrata 3rd Ward2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (29)Elder West:  I wish for a house on a floating island in the air.  I wish for an understanding of how the Spirit communicates.  I wish for the ability to pause time when I need time to figure something out.  My favorite tie is gray with light blue stripes.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (28)Elder Najarian:  I wish that I could hang our with the Great & Noble Ones for a day (the prophets).  I would also wish to live the Law of Consecration world-wide so that we could use money to make advancements in all types of knowledge.  I wish I could find archaeological records of the other tribes that Jesus Christ visited.  My favorite tie is wooden.  It is a tie.  It is a wooden tie.  2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (26)2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (25)2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (31)The STLs came by to take the Sisters out on Exchanges.2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (24)Here’s Ephrata:2017-9-20 zInterviews Ephrata (8)

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