Interviews in Quincy

Our next stop was an hour or so down the road in Quincy where 4 fabulous Elders live and serve.  They are so happy and working so hard.

Elder Thiel and Elder DeBry, serving in the Quincy East area2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (3)Elder Thiel:  I wish to have a perfect memory.  I wish to be able to relive my childhood.  I wish to meet Joseph Smith.  My favorite tie is gray with aqua green and black stripes.2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (4)Elder DeBry:  I with to know someone for everything, for every need.  “I know someone who. . . ”  I wish to be able to learn things really fast and remember everything.  I wish to speak every language.  My favorite tie is a shiny blue one.  I’m wearing it.2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (1)

Elder Parkin and Elder Bonny, serving in the Quincy West area2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (8)Elder Parkin:  I wish to always be happy.  I wish to always know what to say while tracting.  I wish to be fluent in Spanish.  My favorite tie is light green, striped and wool.  2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (9)Elder Bonny:  I wish to visit the Spirit World.  I wish for a best friend who knows me better than I know myself.  I wish for a perfect memory.  My favorite tie is a slim maroon tie with white dots.2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (7)After this full day, we stopped for some food at Tijuana’s and ran into these wonderful members!2017-9-20 zInterviews Quincy (12)

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