Sister Goff Arrives, Evacuated From Puerto Rico

2017-9-24 zHna Goff from Puerto Rico (1)Our first of 4 evacuated missionaries has arrived!!  Hermana Goff is here, safe and sound, after a crazy week in Puerto Rico.  All the Sisters were brought to their Mission Home and the Elders to the Mission Office before the hurricane hit.  They were told to pack lightly and bring their own food.  They went and waited out the storm.  Now all of them are being re-assigned to state-side missions until it’s safe to return.  It could be months or more.

2017-9-24 zHna Goff from Puerto Rico (3)Hermana Goff is from Utah and has been on her mission for about 3 months.  She is home now, right where she belongs.2017-9-24 zHna Goff from Puerto Rico (4)The other 3 coming to us are still trying to get out of the country.  We hear the Church is going to charter a flight for them and bring them out in the next day or so.  We are thrilled to have them and so grateful for everyone standing ready to receive them here.

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2 Responses to Sister Goff Arrives, Evacuated From Puerto Rico

  1. Charlyn Whiting says:

    Sister Goff that arrived from Puerto Rico is my cousins daughter. I know she came there very limited in clothes and underwear. Is there anything we can do? Where is she serving right now? I had heard she was serving in Warden.
    Charlyn Whiting


    • Hi Charlyn! We took her shopping and helped her get the things she needs to carry on here! Thanks for looking out for her! I’m sure she’d love any care packages or letters. She’s loving her new area and companions!!


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