Interviews Continue in Wenatchee

We continued interviews this morning at the Wenatchee Stake Center, with the rest of the zone.  It was a great day.  This is a great zone.

Hermana Shewell and Hermana Young, Sister Training Leaders, serving in the Wenatchee East Spanish area

Hermana Shewell:  I wish I could speak any language.  I wish I could go on a zip line in South America.  I wish I could dance (I really miss it).  My favorite dress is a blue wrap-around with stretchy material and 3/4 sleeves.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (8)Hermana Young:  I wish I could speak all languages to communicate with everyone.  I wish to have an unlimited closet full of clothes!!  I wish to be able to write as fast as I think.  My favorite dress is light blue with pink flowers.  It has bell sleeves.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (1)

Elder Bonney and Elder Summit, serving in the Wenatchee Columbia Hills Ward2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (15)

Elder Bonney:  I wish to meet Bob Ross.  He was a funny old hippie painter who had a TV show in the 1990s on PBS.  I wish I could take a road trip to Alaska, the scenic route, and go hiking, fishing and backpacking.  I wish to visit the rest of the world–Switzerland, Europe, Africa–and to learn other cultures.  My favorite tie looks like it was made from a couch.  It’s blue and tan striped, retro, ugly, and made of wool.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (19)These scripture notes are from my aunt:2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (17)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (18)

Elder Summit:  I wish that everyone would be happy!  I wish that I could be good at everything, starting with music, cooking and sports.  I wish to be able to go anywhere I want to go, beginning with Australia, to learn how to surf.  My favorite tie is the one I have on.  It’s white and pink with flowers.   2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (13)

Elder Beaumont and Elder Fordham, serving in Cashmere and Leavenworth, Spanish and English2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (20)

Elder Beaumont:  I wish for super speed, AKA Flash Powers.  I wish to have the knowledge of Hugh Nibley.  I wish to have my future kids be strong in the gospel.  My favorite tie is floral with a teal background.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (26)

Elder Fordham:  I wish for perfect memory/recall (to be able to study the scriptures from memory).  I wish for patience to be able to wait when it’s time to wait and act when it’s time to act.  I wish to be able to fly.  My favorite tie is a black & white floral.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (23)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (21)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (22)Elder Fordham made his tracting bag out of a pant leg that tore:2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (24)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (28)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (30)

Hermana Finch and Hermana Hernandez, serving in the Wenatchee Sage Castle and Rio Columbia Spanish Ward2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (33)Hermana Finch:  I wish for sunny 75 degree weather year-round (like last week!).  I wish to be fluent in Spanish.  I wish I knew everyone’s thoughts.  My favorite dress is one I can just throw on–you don’t need to adjust anything.  It’s olive green and comfy.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (36)

Hermana Hernandez:  I wish I could eat for free at any restaurant anywhere, forever and all the time!  I wish I could speak all the languages.  I wish to have my own gym for working out.  My favorite dress has pockets, of course!  It’s 3/4 sleeves, comfy and has flowers on it.  2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (31)These are friends we are teaching:2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (35)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (37)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (42)

Elder Smith and Elder Bee, serving in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach Ward2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (40)Elder Smith:  I wish for unlimited Peach Rings.  I wish for more new ties (I’m already getting bored with mine).  I wish not to miss home so much.  I’m wearing my favorite tie.  It’s a Penguin tie, plaid with white, pink and blue plaid.  Here’s what I carry:2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (41)

Elder Bee:  I wish to never be tired.  I wish to be able to travel.  I wish to have constant peace all of my days.  My favorite tie–how could I chose one, they are all so wonderful!  I love florals best, multi-color.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (46)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (44)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (45)Elder Bee goes home next transfer.  Sad.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (48)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (51)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (52)

Elder Fotheringham and Elder Moser, serving in the Wenatchee Eastmont Ward2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (62)Elder Fotheringham:  I wish for a car for proselyting.  I wish for the ability to speak in any language, starting with Russian.  I wish for super strength, enough to move a tree during service!  My favorite tie is unique and colorful, maybe a paisley.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (58)I must have gotten so carried away looking at Family History with Elder Fotheringham while Elder Moser had his final interview, that I forgot to take a picture of his bag. . . We found a way he is related to Pres Lewis!2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (49)Elder Moser:  I wish for a time machine.  I wish for my own private ski hill.  I wish for a recording studio in my house with tons of instruments.  My favorite tie has a beige background with a small dark blue checkered plaid pattern.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (53)Elder Moser also goes home next transfer.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (56)

Elder Harman and Elder Walker, serving as Zone Leaders in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Spanish area2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (65)Elder Harman:  I wish to play in the NBA (Oklahoma Thunder).  I wish to travel around the world whenever I want to.  I wish for my own ski resort so I can snowboard for days. My favorite tie is a cream color tie with blueish purplish pinkish flowers.  2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (61)Elder Harman also goes home next transfer.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (54)

Elder Walker:  I wish to speak every language.  I wish to be a part of the Morales family.  I wish to be a missionary forever (but I could still get married).  My favorite tie is yellow with blue flowers.2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (63)

New convert!2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (66)

The Spanish Ward was having an activity, playing musical chairs!2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (67)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (69)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (74)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (77)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (78)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (79)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (81)2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (82)

We left Wenatchee at 8:30 and were home by 10:30.  Tomorrow is General Conference!!!

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