Days for Girls kits are flying out of the Mission Home garage!

2017-9-29 zDfG kits (9)This week there are several cars and vans traveling to Utah for General Conference weekend.  We put word out to see if anyone would have room to transport a few Days for Girls kits.  Utah has a waiting list for kits to distribute.  We decided to send as many as we were able, and more than 2000 kits flew out of our garage!!  We are thrilled they will soon be in the hands of waiting girls around the world!

Look!  You can see the floor!2017-9-29 zDfG kits (10)Here is my home porch in Orem, a DfG pick up and drop off point:2017-9-29 zDfG kits (7)My DfG friends in Utah left some DfG supplies for us!2017-9-29 zDfG Orem

Here are 285 kits and undies I just brought back from Wenatchee.2017-9-29 zDfG Kits (4)2017-9-29 zDfG Kits (5)

And another load left on my porch by another good driver:2017-9-29 zDfG Kits (6)

And here’s what’s left in our garage today.  I’ve organized the kits for pick up by a truck coming in the next day or two.  DFGI, headquarters, desperately needs kits to go to Uganda for the Sudanese refugees pouring into the country there.  We are sending these 64 boxes, of 20 kits each = 1, 280, packed with 2 undies per kit to Uganda.2017-9-30 DfG Kits (1)2017-9-30 DfG Kits (2)2017-9-30 DfG Kits (6)2017-9-30 DfG Kits (8)2017-9-30 DfG Kits (10)That will clean us out of all or kits!  What a great feeling to know they are all soon on their way to change lives, to keep girls in school every day of the month!

Women in Yakima make 250-300 kits every month.  It won’t be long before the garage is full again!  Thanks to all who are helping with this humanitarian work.  We appreciate every single one of you!

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1 Response to Days for Girls kits are flying out of the Mission Home garage!

  1. Nicole Nebeker says:

    Ann, being a mission mom hasn’t slowed you down one bit. I’m overwhelmed to see what has been put together to go to Uganda and other places as well.
    Nicki Nebeker


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