Interviews in Wenatchee

2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (1)It’s a Thursday and we’re in Wenatchee!2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (2)Waiting for the missionaries to arrive.  Church classrooms are our homes away from home!2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (6)My place:2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (8)2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (7)

Elder Carroll and Elder Fordham, serving in the Cashmere and Leavenworth areas2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (10)Elder Carroll:  I play the bass clarinet.  I repelled down a 200 foot cliff.  I want to go to a national or state park in each of the 50 states.  One down, 49 to go!

Elder Fordham:  My name means “Man who is like God from a hamlet near a river ford.”  I milked a goat 3 weeks ago.  I am a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae hwon do.

Elder Bonney and Elder Heaton, serving in the Wenatchee Columbia Hills area2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (11)Elder Bonney:  I can grow a handlebar mustache. I’ve been to 45 states (not yet ND, MI, WI, AR, MN).  I love Bob Ross, the painter on PBS.

Elder Heaton:  I’ve played the violin for 7 years.  I have already drank 10 gal of chocolate milk since I started my mission.  I ran cross country in high school.

A member in Yakima went to school with Elder Lucio’s dad.  He brought us these yearbook pages!2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (13)2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (14)

Elder Fotheringham and Elder Lucio, serving in the Wenatchee Edgemont Ward2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (17)Elder Fotheringham:  I completed a 50 mile hike in 4 days.  I was the Homecoming King.  I was Mr Congeniality for Mr CVHS in 2015 (Central Valley High School in Spokane).

Here is Elder Fotheringham’s tracting bag (missed the photo last time):2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (21)

Elder Lucio:  My first name (Kiona) means “Zion.”  I’m  Navajo, Hawaiian, Chinese and Filipino.  I play a little of the piano.2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (20)2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (23)

Sister Turley and Sister Goodrich, serving in the Wenatchee East Reach area2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (18)Sister Turley:  I can fit 50 pieces of double bubble gum in my mouth!  I was born on 11/11 at 11:00.  I love to swim!

Sister Goodrich:  I can play 5-ish instruments.  I have extra bones in my feet.  My name is “My Girl” in French (Makelle).

Sis Turley and I are cousins!2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (41)

Hermana Robinson and Hermana Johnson, serving in the East Reach area, Spanish2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (25)Hermana Robinson: I brush my hair MAYBE once a week (but wash it every day).  I’ve also donated it 4 times.  I’ve been to England, Scotland, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, St. Kitts, Mexico, Peru, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  My dream is to become an engineer (working with wells and water filtration) and travel to foreign countries, helping people get clean water.  I want to travel, help people and speak Spanish!

Hermana Johnson:  I participated in a humanitarian trip to Beliz for 3 weeks to help build a school (HEFY, Summer of 2016).  I lived in Mexico for 6 weeks (CCM/MTC).  My mom warned me about this question and I still didn’t think of answers.  I went to UVU fo a year and studied dental hygiene.  I’ve been a dental assistant for 2 years.

2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (27)

Elder Smith and Elder Nicoll, serving in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach area2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (30)Elder Smith:  I’ve been in 3 car accidents.  One was bad–a head-on collision.  I’ve seen Barcelona play soccer live in New York.  I can do a back flip!

Elder Nicoll:  I graduated with Sister Turley! #MtViewTorosMesa.  Sis Lewis says I have a vintage tie.  I survived being the youngest of 8 kids in my family.

Sister Reidhead and Sister Karren, serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Ward

Sister Reidhead:  I love to play volleyball.  I love Christmas!  I love the lake.  Lake Powell is my Favorite place EVER!!  I love wake boarding, wake surfing, tubing–I love it all!

Sister Karren:  I love horses and big dogs!  I have 2 older siblings on missions right now–one in Brasil and one in Richmond, VA.  I play the piano and sing.2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (31)2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (42)2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (43)

Hermana Lindsay and Hermana Shewell, Sister Training Leaders in the Wenatchee Columbia Hills Spanish area2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (51)Hermana Lindsay:  I’m a new aunt as of Sunday!!  I’ll call her Lupita!  I can sing the alphabet backwards.  I’ve electrocuted myself twice–not fun (a horse fence and an outlet).

Sister Shewell:  One of the goals of my mission has been to learn how to whistle.  I like to fling rubber chickens.  I can’t bend my big toe without bending my 2nd toe.2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (54)

Elder Nielsen and Elder Overson, serving in the Wenatchee Sage Hills and YSA Wards2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (57)Elder Nielson:  I am capable of crying, contrary to popular belief.  I love food in large quantities.  My favorites are pepperoni pizza, burgers, meat & potatoes and all kinds of eggs.  I like weight lifting.

Elder Overson:  I love to yo-yo.  I’ve done it since I was 10.  I hate cucumbers.  My favorite food is pizza.  I got my arm run over when I was 10 years old.2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (52)

We were finished by 8:30 p.m.  That’s a long day with no breaks or meals.  These missionaries keep us going strong.2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (59)They say a storm is coming in this week.  Maybe snow.2017-11-2 Interviews Wenatchee (58)

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