Monday at the Office

2017-11-6 Monday Office (13)I was up most of the night and this morning working on the next newsletter (it had to go to press today) and Pres Lewis is always swamped with things to do and phone calls Monday mornings, so we didn’t get to the office in time to see many of the emailing missionaries Again.  Sorry about that.  Here are the few we did get to say hello to:2017-11-6 Monday Office (14)2017-11-6 Monday Office (3)2017-11-6 Monday Office (11)

Lunch before our meeting:2017-11-6 Monday Office (10)YAYYYY!!  More new missionaries coming!2017-11-6 Monday Office (7)2017-11-6 Monday Office (8)2017-11-6 Monday Office (4)2017-11-6 Monday Office (5)2017-11-6 Monday Office (6)2017-11-6 Monday Office (2)2017-11-6 Monday Office (1)We got a wonderful packet of letters from our missionaries who have returned home (from the reunion last month)!  Oh, how sweet!  Love them all.2017-11-6 Monday Office (12)

Elder Miles and Elder Allsop, our Assistants, serving in the Yakima 3rd Ward2017-11-6 Monday Office (9)Elder Miles:  I love to draw.  I love to rock climb.  I played soccer at BYU-Hawaii.

Elder Allsop:  I still think it would be sweet to be a professional long-boarder someday.  I love to star gaze.  I’d love to have all daughters.

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