Stake Correlation Meeting in Ephrata

2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (1)We drove to Ephrata tonight after our Zone Confernce in Wenatchee so we could attend the Ephrata Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting.  As we arrived, I walked by this classroom where our Zone Leaders, Elder North and Elder West were meeting with the stake high councilman over missionary work, Brother Norris.  They were preparing for the meeting with the Stake Presidency at 8:00.

Here are a few photos from that later meeting:2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (2)The Elders explained the “Light the World” initiative to these good men and encouraged them to help organize some ward and stake activities supporting this movement.  The Elders were Great!2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (3)President Walker:2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (4)2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (5)2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (6)We will Light this World, in as many ways as we can!2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (8)This was Elder West’s last stake correlation meeting.  We will really miss him here.2017-11-8 zzEphrata Stake Correlation (9)

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