Transfer Planning Begins!

It’s hard to believe we have circled back to Transfer Planning Again!  Wow, these weeks fly by so quickly.  The APs came after their morning meeting with their District and we had lunch, then went to work, staring at the Transfer Board.

I love having hungry Elders around to help eat the leftovers that pile up in the fridge.IMG_6877IMG_6878IMG_6879IMG_6880Bringing in the comfy chairs!IMG_6881We are ready to rock ‘n roll!2017-11-15 Transfer Planning (6)2017-11-15 Transfer Planning (7)2017-11-15 Transfer Planning (10)We worked all day and into the evening.  This is a hard one.  But it will all come right.  We just have to try every option to know what that right is.  Every companionship is carefully considered over and over and over again, as movement happens on the board.  It’s pretty amazing to watch the process.2017-11-15 Transfer Planning (12)

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