Time with our Kids

2017-11-24 (1)We had a peaceful day after Thanksgiving.  The kids all did their work and homework.  They live on their devices for both.  Aaron did his homework.  Graham did his engineering work and Claire works for Chatbooks several hours each day.2017-11-24 (3)2017-11-24 (4)2017-11-24 (5)This would make me CRAZY.2017-11-24 (6)We also put up our Christmas decorations.2017-11-24 (8)And the outdoor trees.2017-11-24 (11)Claire made an apple pie!2017-11-24 (9)2017-11-24 (12)2017-11-24 (13)2017-11-24 (15)Last night we watched Beauty and the Beast downstairs on our mega bed.  Tonight we watched The Glass Castle.  Both were great.

Here is our peaceful evening in the Mission Home:2017-11-25 (2)2017-11-25 (4)2017-11-25 (5)2017-11-25 (6)2017-11-25 (7)2017-11-25 (8)2017-11-25 (9)

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