The Mega Bed

2017-11-25 with kids (1)Two of our favorite traditions when our kids visit are taking them out to eat at our favorite restaurants (this time El Porton, Cowiche Kitchen and Zesta Cucina) and then going home to watch movies.  We plan weeks in advance for our movie viewing.  We had 4 nights with our kids this time = Thanksgiving, 3 restaurants and 4 movies.2017-11-25 with kids (2)2017-11-25 with kids (3)2017-11-25 with kids (4)The happy family!2017-11-25 with kids (8)When it’s time for movie watching, we set up the Mega Bed.  We have no furniture in the basement, so we make our own.  We’ve done this every time they’ve come.  Sometimes the boys even opt to sleep down here!  It’s a perfect setup for family viewing.  We love being together here in the Mission Home!2017-11-25 with kids (9)2017-11-25 with kids (10)

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