Monday at the Office

2017-11-27 Monday Office (1)This sight made us so happy when we arrived at the office this morning!  The mail is pouring in.  Many of these packages are for Christmas.  Parents write HOLD on the packages we need to stash until the Christmas parties in a few weeks.2017-11-27 Monday Office (2)2017-11-27 Monday Office (3)2017-11-27 Monday Office (4)2017-11-27 Monday Office (5)2017-11-27 Monday Office (6)Decorating planner covers:2017-11-27 Monday Office (8)New shoes from the swap rack:2017-11-27 Monday Office (10)Hna Petersen spent Thanksgiving with Family!!  Her Ward Mission Leader is her 3rd cousin!  Here is a photo he gave her of her grandfather.  Standing behind him is her Ward Mission Leader’s uncle.  Small Happy World.2017-11-27 Monday Office (11)Elder Miles was working on his class schedule for January.  Oh, such decisions!!2017-11-27 Monday Office (12)2017-11-27 Monday Office (13)2017-11-27 Monday Office (14)2017-11-27 Monday Office (15)Office meeting:2017-11-27 Monday Office (16)Sis Christensen and Sis Skousen (Julene and Paige) visited the office today before heading to the airport this afternoon.  We love them.2017-11-27 Monday Office (17)Mission Presidency Meeting this afternoon:2017-11-27 Monday Office (18)Elder Call hard at work:2017-11-27 Monday Office (19)2017-11-27 Monday Office (20)The big transfer board at the office:2017-11-27 Monday Office (21)Yippee!2017-11-27 Monday Office (22)

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