A Miracle Meeting over Mexican Food in Quincy!

2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (84)This evening before heading to Wenatchee, we took the APs to dinner at Tiajuana’s in Quincy so we could have some time to plan MLC for next week.  We won’t have a spare moment between now and then, so this was our chance.  We love this place and we love the food.  Tonight a miracle happened here.2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (87)2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (89)2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (91)2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (93)Oh my, they ate it ALL!2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (94)

OK, here’s our Miracle.  This lovely lady named Sharon came over when she saw us.  She looked right at our nametags, asking “ARE YOU PRESIDENT AND SISTER LEWIS??”    “We are!!” we told her.  Meet Sharon Godin, the Wonderful Grandma of Sister Andrews, who went home not too long ago!  Sis Godin is from GEORGIA and she was in QUINCY eating dinner at TIAJUANA’S!  Oh my what a miracle.

Sis Godin’s mother, died last week.  She lived here with her son.  Sis Godin came to help and to take her home to CT for burial before returning to Georgia, where Sis Andrews lives.   Like many of you, Sis Godin has followed this blog religiously.  She knows our missionaries and she loves her granddaughter who served here.  It was a wonderful first-time-meeting-reunion.  We are old friends who just met for the first time.2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (79)Isn’t wonderful how Heavenly Father orchestrates things?  Oh, I love Him and I love moments like this!2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (83)Elder Miles was in Hermana Andrews’ MTC group.2017-11-29 zDoC Quincy (82)How fun it is to be in the right place at the right time doing the right things!

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