Interviews in Quincy

2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (1)Quincy is in the Ephrata Zone.  We have 4 Spanish Elders serving here.  They do both the English and Spanish work, and they Love Quincy!

Elder Jensen and Elder Thiel, serving in the Quincy East area2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (3)Elder Jensen:  On Christmas Eve day we have breakfast with our family friends, then we go snowmobiling and sledding.  In the evening we have a dinner with crab and shrimp.  Then we act out the Nativity, get new PJs, before bed.  In the morning we take a picture on the stairs, then open presents.  Breakfast is an egg casserole and French toast.  We lounge all day, then have a ham dinner.  This year I will pray, read the scriptures and go to church.

Elder Thiel:  At Thanksgiving we pick names out of a hat for Secret Santa gifts.  Dad makes sugar cookies and we frost them.  On Christmas Eve I usually go golfing with my dad and 3 brothers.  Then we come home, help prepare food, and open the Secret Santa gifts.  In the morning my grandparents come, we eat waffles, open presents, then later we have a nice prime rib dinner, and open gifts from the grandparents.  This year I will teach as Christ does in Matthew and Luke.2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (5)

Elder Olivas and Elder Parkin, serving in the Quincy West area2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (8)Elder Olivas:  At Christmas time we go to Park City for a day and night and a day with our friends who have a time share there.  We also go to Temple Square to see the lights. On Christmas Eve we go to Provo and have dinner with friends (tamales and posoli).  In the morning we open presents and then visit friends all day.  This year I will remember experiences and times when His Atonement has helped and strengthened me.

Elder Parkin:  My grandpa’s birthday is Dec 20th.  We have a big family gathering and have a catered Greek dinner to celebrate.   On Christmas Eve we have a prime rib dinner by candlelight, then we read from the Gospels and get new PJs.  We watch the Muppets Christmas video during Christmas and have a ward/neighborhood food bank drive party with treats afterwards.  Christmas morning we watch The Nativity DVD, then open presents, then have a breakfast egg casserold, then we visit family, hang out and relax.  My favorite treat:  oatmeal fudge bars.  This year I will live His teachings more in my life.2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (10)

As we were finishing up, the fun Quincy Relief Society Ladies were setting up for a Christmas activity–a Pajama Party with breakfast food and The Polar Express with a spiritual twist.  It looked like loads of fun!2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (11)2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (12)2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (13)2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (14)2017-12-7 Interviews Quincy (6)

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