Interviews in Selah

2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (5)We started our visits and interviews with the Selah Zone today.  Elder Powell and Elder Black are the Zone Leaders here.  Elder Black heads home next week.  We sure love these Elders and are grateful for their service and good works here.2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (1)Look who we found in the library!  He was getting ready for a Ward Christmas Breakfast here this morning!2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (2)2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (3)

Elder Green and Elder Hart, serving in the Naches Ward2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (6)Elder Green:  Our family goes to grandma’s house on Christmas Eve.  We have a nice dinner and the cousins do the Nativity.  Grandma makes the best 7-layer cookies.  She sent me some!  On Christmas morning we get up, divide the presents into piles, then open them, one at a time, youngest to oldest, the smallest gift first.  We facetime my dad if he’s working out of state.  Then we go to Park City to ski for the rest of the day.  (Season passes from Grandma!)  Mom stays in the lodge and reads a book by the fire.  Our favorite movies are The Christmas Story and Home Alone.  This year I’m going to give service anytime I can when the opportunity arises!

Elder Hart:  Our whole family meets in Bear Lake for Christmas.  We do a lot of snowmobiling and sledding.  We have a Christmas Eve dinner, then the kids share talents, we read the Christmas Story, we visit grandma and open gifts with her.  We also open new PJs on Christmas Eve.  My mom and grandma make divinity and fudge.  In the morning we open presents, watch basketball and eat leftovers.  We also like making snowmen.  This year I will focus on what Christmas is really about and all the things Jesus has done for me.

Sister Shuldberg and Sister Zollinger, serving in the Terrace Heights Ward 2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (9)Sister Shuldberg:  We start decorating after Thanksgiving.  Mom puts our about 80 snowmen!  Then we start making treats–caramel, sugar cookies, toffee, etc.  We have an advent calendar and we fight over who gets to hang which ornaments.  We decorate the tree for Family Home Evening.  We like to go for a drive to look at all the lights.  On Christmas Eve we have a nice dinner with tenderloin and grandma’s Swedish butter horn rolls.  We read Luke and pick out one gift before bed.  We always take a family photo the Sunday before Christmas.  In the morning we wait on the stairs, then do stockings, presents and eat a late breakfast with monkey bread and cinnamon rolls. This year I will find new and creative ways to give and thank ’cause that’s all He ever did.

Sister Zollinger:  Our family goes to Bear Lake for Christmas.  In November we draw names for a gift exchange with our extended family.  Then we roll a Skattergories alphabet die to see what letter we get.  We have to give a gift that starts with that letter.  We are very competitive and give prizes for the most creative gifts.  (One year someone got the letter R and gave a Rachel Ray Recipe book.)  The extended family gift exchange happens on New Year’s Eve.  On Christmas Eve we act out the Nativity using a Fischer Price children’s Nativity set.  Then we get new PJs and we fill each others’ stockings.  We all sleep at an older sibling’s house.  For breakfast in the morning we have omelettes and cinnamon rolls and orange Julius drinks.  This year I’m going to Light the World and focus on others instead of myself.

Elder Powell’s Mom sent this very cool little Christmas tree.  He put a salt water solution in the dish and we watched crystals growing on the branches.  2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (12)Next we took Elder Whitehead, who spent the night with the ZLs, and went to the airport.2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (13)2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (14)

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