More Interviews in Selah

2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (56)We went back to Selah for the rest of the day to finish visiting with member of the Selah Zone.  Part of the Selah Zone (Stake) is in Yakima.  It might seem a little confusing.

The Salt Tree is Growing!!2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (55)

2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (65)Sister Harty heads home next week!2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (66)

Sisters Baggett, Hannah and Harty, serving in the Selah 2nd Ward2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (67)Sister Baggett:  On Christmas Eve we have a big family party and big dinner at my aunt’s house.  We track Santa, open gifts from grandparents, and the older kids (19 grandkids) help organize the living room.  Grandma gives us all socks and $$ one year and pillows and $$ the next year.  We wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and open gifts.  We eat McDonald’s breakfast take out, then take naps.  In the afternoon we go to a new movie and then visit relatives.  On the 26th (Baggett Day) we have another Christmas party with my dad’s side of the family.  We go ice skating, have a big lunch and then play games like Family Feud, the siblings vs. the out-laws.  We also play musical chairs.  This year I’ll remember Jesus by keeping my focus on Him and loving people the way He does.

Sister Hannah: On Christmas Eve we go to our neighbor’s and make dutch oven peach cobbler in their firepit.  Then we wait there until the ward Christmas carolers come, then we have hot chocolate for everyone.  After we visit and take photos, we walk home, make cinnamon rolls, light candles and we all sit on a blanket while dad reads the Christmas Story.  Then the kids are sent to bed.  I help with the stockings and putting the gifts out.  In the morning we eat the cinnamon rolls, orange juice and chocolate milk for breakfast.  We open presents when my dad gets home from work.  Then we go to both grandma’s houses and stay until New Year’s.

Sister Harty:  We set up our Christmas tree on Dec 6th.  No Christmas is allowed before that!  We play music while we decorate the tree.  We have a sibling gift exchange, drawing names.  We spend Christmas Eve with my mom’s family, have lunch, and play video games with my cousins.   In the morning we get our piles, take pictures and open presents.  At about 10:00 or 11:00 we go back to my aunt’s for a turkey and ham dinner.  For dessert we have haystacks, dirt cake and pies.    This year I will continue working on becoming the disciple He wants me to be by following Him.

2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (68)2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (70)Coolest tree Ever!!2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (72)Elder Black and Elder Powell, Zone Leaders in the Selah Zone serving in the Selah 1st Ward.  Elder Black goes home next week.  : (2017-12-16 Interviews Selah Zone (73)Elder Black:  In December I go goose hunting!    For Christmas we have Sticky buns in the morning, then feed the animals, open presents and have a ham dinner in the evening.  We have a donkey, a pony, sheep and goats.  This year I hope to teach my family the story of Christ’s birth.

Elder Powell:  Every Christmas Eve we do the Nativity with my siblings and their kids.  We read from Luke.  Then we write “our gift to Christ” and put it in “the Jesus Box.”  We take out our notes from last year and read them.  All of my siblings sleep over.  In the morning we get up at about 7:30, separate the gifts into piles and take turns opening them.  We have German pancakes for breakfast with my Aunt Roxie’s homemade syrup.  Some of our favorite Christmas movies are The Polar Express, Anabelle’s Wish, and The Grinch.   This year I will pray before I get too tired so I can actually stay awake.

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  1. Kate Powell says:

    Thank you for the pictures and the comments and conversations you share with these missionaries. We are so very blessed to have such wonderful children and they have the best parents in this mission!! President and Sister Lewis, YOU ARE LOVED!!! Merriest Christmas yet!! Hug our son, will you?


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