A Few more Christmas Traditions

We had missionaries in the Mission Home this evening who we haven’t visited with yet this transfer, so here are a few more of their favorite family traditions!

Elder Walker and Elder Miles, Assistants, serving in the Yakima 3rd Ward2017-12-19 Departing Group (9) - CopyElder Walker:  We used to eat TV dinners on Christmas Eve when we were kids.  Now we have a regular dinner.  We watch a Christmas movie while we eat.  We also do our sibling gift exchange on Christmas Eve and open gifts from our parents, including new PJs.  In the morning, my mom makes crepes with cream cheese, bananas, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  We eat them and read the Christmas Story.    The challenge of reading Matthew and Luke this year will help me remember Jesus.  I’m going to finish on Christmas Day!

Elder Miles:  The week before Christmas we go to my grandma’s.  She reads a story about socks and we open up a present with socks in it.  We also have an advent calendar with the story of Jesus’ birth.  On Christmas Eve we have a ham and turkey dinner with my grandparents, then grandpa reads the Christmas Story and we act it out.  Then we go home, watch a movie and go to bed.  In the morning we wake our parents, they video us.  We open presents oldest to youngest and eat breakfast burrito crepes with eggs and bacon and monkey bread.  This year I will have finished Matthew and Luke and will focus on doing Light the World.

Sister Banks and Sister McCourt, serving as STLs in the Yakima 2nd Ward

Sister Banks: We have Belgian waffles Christmas morning and pick names to do a Secret Santa gift exchange.  This year I will focus less on myself and more on others.

Sister McCourt: We make cookies for the neighbors and deliver them.  We also have a giant dinner!  This year I am making Light the World a new tradition!

Hermana Young, serving in the Yakima Valley, Central Spanish2017-12-18 z Departing Group (85)

My favorite Christmas traditions are going to see a movie at a theater and The FOOD!!  This year I am doing Light the World.

Elder Allsop and Elder Jex, serving in Ellensburg YSA

Elder Allsop:  We get to eat Pop Tarts for breakfast!  We play card games on Christmas Eve and watch Elf and The Grinch.  This year I will be doing Light the World, of course!  I will focus more on time rather than things.  I will sacrifice more time to get to know my Savior.

Elder Jex:  Everyone in my family performs a Christmas song on an instrument in front of the whole family.  Then we all sit down and listen to my grandpa read the Christmas story.  This year I want to become a better example of Jesus Christ and develop more of his attributes.

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