Interviews with the Yakima Valley Zone

Well, another day spent in bed for me.  It’s the flu.  Feeling pretty horrible.  Pres Lewis carried on without me, meeting with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone today.  Here are the photos and info he gathered for me from today’s missionaries.  I’m REALLY MISSING hearing them describe their family Christmas traditions to me in great detail.  I’m grateful they are all healthy and well and working hard!

Elder Tapia and Elder Horsley, Zone Leaders serving in the Yakima Northeast Spanish areas, Englewood Branch2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (3)Elder Tapia:  We go to our aunt and uncle’s house and spend a lot of time with them and my cousins.  We sing Karaoke songs together!  We make “frijoles chorros” which is a Mexican type of beans.  It’s SO good!!.  This year I am focusing more on what I give than on what I can receive.

Elder Horsley:  We go to my grandparent’s cabin with our extended family for a week.  We also visit the widows in our ward and stake.  This year I will remember Jesus more by coming to know Him through study and service to others. #LightTheWorld

Elder Garcia and Elder Melling, serving in the Yakima East Spanish area2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (6)Elder Garcia: My family prays together at 11:59 p.m. Christmas Eve.  We make “Mayetes,” a Guatemalan traditional dessert.  It’s like bread with rice pudding inside and raisins.  This year I’ve been preparing with little acts of service so when Christmas comes I’ll havea the desires to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone!

Elder Melling:  We read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and to the 12 Days of Christmas for a family in need.    This year I’m reading Matthew and Luke.  It’s really helped me to focus on Christ and all He did for us.

2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (7)

Elder Owen and Elder Walters, serving in Selah and Naches, Spanish2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (10)Elder Owen:  Each year we buy each other a “traditional gift.”  Mine is nutcrackers.  My mom’s in Nativity scenes, etc.  We go to my grandmother’s to eat Christmas lunch and exchange gifts with all the family.  This year I will focus a lot more on helping families or persons that are struggling this time.

Elder Walters:  On Christmas Eve we read Luke 2 and act out the Nativity.  We spend Christmas Eve at grandma’s and have Christmas dinner with all the cousins.  This year I have gone through Matthew and Luke and will be more focused on the Savior’s ministry and love.  I am trying to make others’ Christmas experiences more pleasant!

2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (11)

Hermanas Graff, Turner and Falla, serving in Yakima Central and North Spanish areas2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (14)Hermana Graff:  My favorite Christmas tradition is playing games!  My grandma would read a special Christmas story, but now my Dad does the story since her recent passing.  This year I will focus on bringing others to Christ!

Hermana Turner:  We make pizza for Christmas dinner and go ice skating!  This year I am trying to focus on how to see people as He did and love as He loved.

Hermana Falla:  We play games and dance!  This year I’ll focus more on Jesus by sharing my testimony with others.

Here is the Get Well Card they all sent to me!2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (16)

Hermana Pinckard and Hermana Petersen, serving in the Moxee/Terrace Heights Spanish areas2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (19)Hermana Pinckard:  We make and eat tamales and watch “Elf” on Christmas morning.  This year I am trying to serve as He did.

Hermana Petersen:  We invite the missionaries over to help us decorate our tree and put the topper on.  My sisters and I would get up really early to go to our stockings.  We’d trade all of the goodies inside before our parents would wake up!  This year we have been putting a big focus on visiting the members in the ward who are alone on Christmas.  We are sharing a Christmas message with them.

2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (20)Elder Medina and Elder Martinez, serving in the Yakima Valley South Spanish area2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (23)Elder Medina:  We eat lots of Mexican food!  We stay up all night on Christmas Eve and open presents!  This year I will focus more on giving than on receiving.

Elder Martinez:  During Christmas we try to visit every family member.  We also set off fireworks!  This year I will forget about me and give my love as a present.2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (24)2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (25)2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (26)Elder Blake and Elder Rodriquez, serving in the Yakima Southeast Spanish area2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (31)Elder Blake: On Christmas Eve we read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and on Christmas day I take a really long nap after opening presents.  This year I will remember Jesus more by reading my scriptures and going to church!

Elder Rodriguez:  My family likes to sing Christmas hymns and watch Christmas movies.  This year I will study Christ’s attributes in PMG and apply them.

Elder Russell and Elder Turley, serving in the Union Gap Spanish area2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (32)Elder Russell:  Our family makes cheese rolls.  On Christmas morning we take turns opening presents as a family.  This year I want to have more selfless prayers and participate in Light The World.

Elder Turley:  My family opens presents at Grandma’s house and we love watching the movie, “Elf.”  This year I will continue to try my best to follow His example by serving those around me.2017-12-21 Interviews Yak Valley Zone (33)

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