Interviews in the Lower Valley

2017-12-22 (1)It’s Friday and it’s snowing and I am home again, fighting the flu.  I hope this is my last day down.  Today Pres Lewis traveled meet with missionaries serving in the Lower Valley (Toppenish, Sunnyside and Zillah).

Sister Field and Sister Tenney serving in Sunnyside East2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (3)Sister Field:  My family makes gingerbread houses and we act out the Nativity.   This year I will have the opportunity to talk about Him in every conversation.

Sister Tenney:  My family loves going to see the Mesa Temple lights!  We go to our grandparents’ house for dinner.  This year I’ll remember Jesus by talking about him in every single interaction I have!2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (4)

Elder Goodwin and Elder Sellers, serving in Sunnyside2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (8)Elder Goodwin:  My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Day breakfast (but i think it’s most favored by the dogs!).  We also have a white elephant gift exchange and family Christmas party.  This year “And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ. . . ” (2 Nephi 25:26).

Elder Sellers:  My family has a nice dinner both on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.  We go to my grandparents’ house and have dinner with them sometimes.  This year I am reading more scriptures about Christ.

Hermana Brenchley and Hermana Heineken, serving in Sunnyside East2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (10)Hermana Brenchley:  We read a story every night leading up to Christmas.  My favorite is the story of the oranges.  On Christmas Eve, we open new Christmas jammies,  This year I will focus on being more like Christ and sharing that with others.

Hermana Heineken:  Our family has a Jesus dinner and we make pretzels.  This year I get to share messages about Him.  #IlluminaElMundo

Elder Judy and Elder Alonzo, serving in Sunnyside2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (13)2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (14)Elder Judy:  We have a nice Christmas Eve dinner and family time and we spend time with our extended family.  This year I will invite others to come unto Christ.

Elder Alonzo: My family makes and eats tamales and we spend time with family and friends.   This year I will try to remember Jesus and his life always.

Elder Pruess and Elder Hankins, serving in Zillah2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (18)Elder Pruess:  My family reads the Christmas Story before opening presents.  We make pizza on New Year’s Eve.  This year I will focus more on Christ and what He did for us, sharing that with everyone.

Elder Hankins:  We like to drive around town Christmas Eve to see the lights.  Then we open new Christmas PJs!   This year I hope to gain a richer and deeper understanding of what He’s done for us.

2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (19)Elder Gallacher and Elder Hodges, serving in Toppenish West2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (22)Elder Gallacher:  We go to a hotel with our family and eat Chinese food on Christmas Eve.  This year I will sacrifice all my time and talents and efforts to serve the Lord.

Elder Hodges: We open new pajamas on Christmas Eve and get a new pillow!  This year I will focus more on Jesus by spreading the Light of Christ and caroling!

Elder Corrington and Elder Rigby, serving in Toppenish East2017-12-22 Interviews Lower Valley (26)Elder Corrington:  We make gingerbread houses and listen to Christmas music and drink hot chocolate together.  On Christmas Eve we open new PJs and drink eggnog.  This year I am trying my best to do as Elder Bednar directs and turn outwards!

Elder Rigby: My family goes caroling in the days before Christmas.  On Christmas morning we have a breakfast casserole and everyone pitches in!  This year I will give everything I can–thoughts, words, actions, gifts, food!

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