Interviews in Hood River

2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (21)Hood River was our next stop with these four fine Elders.

Elder Taylor and Elder Bird, serving in the White Salmon Ward2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (22)Elder Taylor:  This year my goal is to serve my mission and not die!

Elder Bird:  I want to be more investigator-minded and focus more on member missionary work.

Elder Richardson and Elder Martinez, serving in the Hood River Ward2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (23)Elder Richardson:  This year I want to stay positive and engaged in the work so I can go out with a BANG!  Sister Lewis checks up on my journal writing every night.  This year I want to write more!

Elder Martinez:  This year I want to acquire the attribute of service.  I also want to read more from my Patriarchal Blessing.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (30)We’ve brought chocolate chip cookies this time.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (31)The view as we left the church:2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (32)On to Stevenson:2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (33)Toll bridge:2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (35)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (36)

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