Interviews with more of the Omak Zone

2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (52)Coming in out of the cold on this snowy day up north, we were greeted by warmth and smiles from these good Elders.

Elder Christiansen and Elder Eliason, serving in Coulee Dam2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (54)Elder Christiansen:  I want to cut back on soda to one 12 oz. can per month.  I also want to read Jesus the Christ.

Elder Eliason:  I want to learn the scriptures well and be healthy (more exercise).  My plan is more protein and less sugar and no seconds on desserts.

Elder Clark and Elder Holley, serving in Oroville2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (56)Elder Clark:  I want to make journal writing a habit and I want to finish the Book of Mormon.

Elder Holley:  I want to write in my journal more and keep working hard.

2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (61)

Elder Redford and Elder Nielsen, serving in Omak2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (62)Elder Redford:  I want to have better personal studies (use a study journal and ponder more).  I also want to do more service and to be more like Christ.

Elder Nielsen:  I want to write in my journal daily (I haven’t missed a day so far this year!  I wrote some last year, but it wasn’t good).  I also want to lose 37 lbs. by the end of my mission in June (“6 months to sexy”).  I’ve lost 10 lbs so far!

Seminary room:2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (66)2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (67)

Elder Bonny and Elder Bergman, Omak Zone Leaders, serving in Okanogan2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (72)Elder Bonny:  I want to better my daily gospel study by using a study journal more and having fewer interruptions.  I also want to read the whole Bible (the OT after I go home).

Elder Bergman:  I want to #FEEDtheFIFTY and lose 10 lbs by June.

Beautiful ties made by a member here in Brewster!

The chapel:2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (78)This evening we met Diana and her mom.  Diana just had her baptismal interview and will be baptized Friday evening!  We are so happy for her and her family!2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (81)

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