Interviews in Quincy

2018-1-25 Quincy Interivews (1)Our next stop today was in Quincy, where these 4 Elders are serving.

Elder Jensen and Elder Cox, serving in the Quincy East area2018-1-25 Quincy Interivews (6)Elder Jensen:  I want to memorize The Living Christ and return from my mission with honor.

Elder Cox:  I want to practice Spanish by reading the Church Magazines in my studies.  I also want to study the New Testament.

Elder Alonzo and Elder Olivas, serving in the Quincy west area2018-1-25 Quincy Interivews (9)Elder Alonzo:  This year I want to learn, practice and speak English better.  I also want to finish reading the whole Book of Mormon.

Elder Olivas:  I am working on developing Christ-like attributes as taught in Preach My Gospel.  I am also setting goals for when I return home.

2018-1-25 Quincy Interivews (12)2018-1-25 Quincy Interivews (14)2018-1-25 Quincy Interivews (16)

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