More Interviews in the Lower Valley

2018-1-27 Interviews Lower Valley (28)From Toppenish, we drove further south to Sunnyside, on this warming sunny day.  It’s in the 50s here today!  We are really really hoping we’ve missed winter, but it may come back to us!

Sister Tenney and Sister Reidhead, serving in the Sunnyside 1st east area2018-1-27 Interviews Lower Valley (25)Sister Tenney:  I want to find joy in the journey and communicate better.

Sister Reidhead:  I want to learn all I can about the Atonement by studying Jesus the Christ, the Living Christ, the Book of Mormon and the New Testament.  I also want to give up any weapons of rebellion for the Lord like the Anti Nephi Lehis.

Hermana Heineken and Hermana Brenchley, serving in the Sunnyside 2nd Spanish Branch2018-1-27 Interviews Lower Valley (30)Hermana Heineken:  I want to love like Christ and work with my whole heart.

Hermana Brenchley: I want to practice patience.  Patient people have peace and joy.  I want to look for ways to find peace in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Gallacher and Elder Dale, serving in Sunnyside (Spanish)2018-1-27 Interviews Lower Valley (33)Elder Gallacher:  I want to love and be motivated by love.  I want to become who God want’s me to become–better at following spiritual promptings.  I want sharing the gospel to by my natural frame of mind.

Elder Dale:  I want to find out what it really means to love someone and be Christlike–not only when it’s easy, but also when it’s hard.  I don’t want to be afraid to talk to people.

Elder Goodwin and Elder Rocha, serving in the Sunnyside west area (English)2018-1-27 Interviews Lower Valley (37)Elder Goodwin:  I want to learn to continue discipleship after my mission.  I want to avoid worldly distractions (social media, video games, TV shows) and continue in the gospel way (temple worship, family history, studying the gospel).

Elder Rocha:  I want to buy stuff.  I want to be good.

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