Our New Missionaries Feb 2018

Here are our dozen new missionaries!  We are so glad they are here safe and sound!  From Mexico:2018-2-12 z Arrivals Mexico MTC (2)From Provo:2018-2-13 z Arriving Group (11)From Tyler, ORE:2018-2-13 z Arriving Group (71)Sister Going:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (1)Sister Hopkin:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (6)Sister Glover:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (8)Elder Glancy:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (11)Elder Goetz:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (15)Elder Merrill: 2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (18)Elder Judd:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (20)

And our Spanish-speakers:
Elder Carrasco:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (24)Elder Gutierrez:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (26)Hermana Timm:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (30)Hermana Gray:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (32)Elder Ellingson:2018-2-13 zz Arrival Photos (35)

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