Interviews in Moses Lake

Today we started another round of interviews.  We’ll be on the road the next couple of weeks, visiting missionaries.  This week we’re staying in Royal City, where we can more easily get to missionaries in the Moses Lake and Othello Zones.  this morning we were in Moses Lake bright and early.  The weather has been cold and crisp this week.  Winter has tried to come back to us and we all want it to be Spring!

My question for everyone this time is “What is your best advice for a new missionary?”

Elder Woodward and Elder Pinhey, serving in the Moses Lake 10th Ward.2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (2)Elder Woodward:  Have Fun.  Stay Focused.  Work Hard.

Elder Pinhey:  Be creative.  Enjoy your time.  Keep super extremely busy.

2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (4)

Elder Ackerman and Elder Jex, serving in the Moses Lake 6th & 8th Wards2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (6)Elder Ackerman:  Work hard.  Write your Mom.  Love being New.

Elder Jex:  Get lost in the work.  Learn from every companion.  Write in your journal!

Elder Ackerman hand-sewed these ties!!2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (5)2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (7)

Elder Palacios and Elder Johnson, Zone Leaders serving in the Moses Lake 11th and YSA Wards2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (10)Elder Palacios:  Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover starting the 1st day of your mission and write your testimony/conversion story in the front.  Bring or ask for a family photo album.  Keep all of your papers!!  Add them to a binder and buy sheet protectors to keep them safe.

Elder Johnson: Talk to everyone you meet about the Book of Mormon.  Don’t waste time!  Lead by example.2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (16)

Elder Miwa and Elder Heaps, serving in the Moses Lake 5th Ward2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (18)Elder Miwa:  Love Every Minute.  Work with members–they’re going to be some of your best friends.  Work.

Elder Heaps:  Do personal studies.  Just do it.  Be friendly with everyone.  Don’t eat the brownies.  (It’s Washington, they make them “special” here!)

Elder Ball and Elder MacLellan, serving in the Moses Lake 3rd Ward2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (20)Elder Ball:  Don’t be scared–go forth with faith.  Work with members.  Just go for it.

Elder MacLellan:  Don’t waste the time the Lord gave you to serve!  Always pray and study the scriptures.  Follow the Spirit.

Here come the Sisters!2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (23)2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (24)2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (25)

Sister Going and Sister Hatch, serving in the Moses Lake 4th & 7th Wards2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (26)Sister Going:  Don’t have any expectations.  Teach by the Spirit.  Cherish the 12 Week program.

Sister Hatch:  Just LOVE the people.  Don’t sweat the details–trust the Lord!  If you really want to serve the Lord, obedience isn’t optional.2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (29)

Sister Shepherd and Sister Wilcox, serving in the Moses Lake 2nd & YSA Wards2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (30)Sister Shepherd:  Leave everything behind and embrace missionary life.  It’s short.  Use your exercise time and eat healthy.  Laugh, be yourself and share with everyone what makes you happy!

Sister Wilcox: Just open your mouth!  Don’t stress about the little things.  Be yourself!2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (31)Handouts this time will help prepare everyone for temple trips in April.2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (32)The Sisters were in the library doing 12 Week studies.2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (35)2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (36)

Sister Fox and Sister Rose, serving in the Moses Lake 2nd West area2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (37)Sister Fox:  Love everyone you meet.  Remember to rely on the Savior.  Learn to recognize how the Holy Ghost speaks to you.

Sister Rose:  Make wherever you are serving your home.  Find the Savior in everything.  Go into every conversation ready to learn something.

Waiting in the Family History Library for dinner appointments:2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (40)2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (41)2018-2-22 Interviews Moses Lake (42)

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