Interviews in Royal City

The Othello Zone is made up of missionaries serving in Othello, Royal City, Warden and Mattawa.  This morning we went to the Seminary building by Royal High School to interview the 4 Hermanas here, and the 2 Elders from Mattawa.  What a great bunch!

Hermana Tolliver and Hermana Hurst, Sister Training Leaders serving in the Royal City 1st and 3rd Wards2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (1)Hna Tolliver:  It’s OK to be yourself!  Success/ happiness does NOT come from numbers.  Don’t stress about knowing the lessons perfectly.  Just make sure to know how the Spirit speaks to you.

Hna Hurst: Your Spanish will come! (You just gotta wait about 6 months.)  Just be obedient.  Pray a lot.  Let Heavenly Father be your best friend. 2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (2)2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (3)2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (4)2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (5)

Hermana Long and Hermana Gray, serving in the Royal City 2nd & 3rd Wards2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (12)Hna Long:  Learn your areas as quickly as you can.  Write in your journal every night.  It’s OK to say no to desserts at member dinners.

Hna Gray:  Take it one day at a time.  Start loving the people ASAP!  PRAY LIKE YOU’VE NEVER PRAYED BEFORE!!

2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (8)2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (9)2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (10)

Elder Enderton and Elder Thiel, serving in Mattawa2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (14)Elder Enderton:  Study Preach My Gospel, especially chapter 1 and also the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  Buy a nice camera!  Get to know the Savior more and also learn how to have charity.

Elder Thiel:  Know Preach My Gospel inside & out.  Work with members.  Be diligent.  2018-2-23 Interviews Royal (17)

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