More Interviews in Moses Lake

2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (1)We met with the Spanish missionaries today who serve here in Moses Lake.  So many good things are happening here in this zone.  It’s exciting to hear about everyone being taught.  These are great missionaries!

Hermana Timm and Hermana Birchell, serving in the Moses Lake 1st and 9th Wards2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (2)Hermana Timm:  You will be overwhelmed–work hard.  Love yourself, your companion and the people you work with.  Exercising will make you feel better!

Hermana Birchell:  Spent less time looking at old letters and pictures from home until the homesickness goes away.  Ask your family for blessings they have seen since you left.  Work hard and love the people!2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (5)

Elder Ruesch and Elder Memmott, serving in the Moses Lake 9th Ward, central area2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (7)Elder Ruesch:  Be yourself.  Be excited about what we get to share.  Enjoy your mission.

Elder Memmott:  Smile!  Drink more water.  Pray like you mean it (see PMG).

Elder Adams and Elder Kopp, serving in the Moses Lake 9th Ward, north area2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (16)Elder Adams:  Study Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon as faithfully as you can.  Simply do what God asks and know He will make it all work out in the end.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow the promptings; don’t second-guess yourself and God.

Elder Kopp:  You can bee successful without baptizing.  Be obedient to mission rules, not traditions that get passed on from missionary to missionary.  Stay positive and have fun!2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (12)2018-2-23 Interviews Moses Lake (13)

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