Monday at the Office

2018-2-26 Monday Office (1)Today was a pretty Exciting day at the office.  This morning the missionaries got the email in their portals announcing that we’re on the list now for Smart Phones!  Here’s the letter we sent out.  Parents were also notified in an email this weekend.  We are moving into—

An Exciting New Era!

Dear Sisters and Elders of the WYM,

The long-awaited time has arrived when we have been authorized to enhance our proselyting efforts with the use of smartphones. What a tremendous blessing it will be to use this tool to assist in finding, teaching, planning, and working with members to help others come unto Christ. As we look forward to the use of smartphones, we all must recognize the need to adopt a completely different feeling about why we have this technology in our hands and what its purpose is. It will become a sacred tool to assist in the Work of Salvation and we’re grateful for the Lord’s trust in our ability to use it wisely.

There’s a lot to do before we actually begin using smartphones in the work, so we need your timely cooperation all along the way.  Here’s the basic plan:

1)  Your parents (or other family member at home) will purchase a smartphone for your use in missionary work and ship the smartphone to the mission office. Below is a copy of the email we sent to them this weekend, with all the details. Please take note of the missionaries who qualify to use a Church-owned phone on loan rather than purchasing one. In your email home today, please ensure that they have received the email and if not, send them a copy of this one. You’ll want to decide together which of the approved Samsung models to purchase. Your phone should arrive at the mission office no later than April 11, 2018. The phone should NOT be shipped to you.

2)  Today you should find a few training modules on your portal regarding mobile devices. Feel free to begin working your way through the training modules today and in upcoming P-Days. You may take extra time on the computer for these trainings on P-Day, as long as you are sensitive to other missionaries who also need to use the computer. Please give priority in the next few weeks to SAFEGUARDS FOR USING TECHNOLOGY and TRAINING VIDEOS FOR USING MOBILE DEVICES IN MISSIONARY WORK.

3)  Much of the time in our March zone conferences will be devoted to training for using smartphones in missionary work. We will also define timelines and training goals for you to accomplish on your own with the portal training available before the April zone conferences.

4)  At the April zone conferences, you will receive your smartphones IF you have completed the Safeguards for Using Technology online course and agreed to the Terms of Use. We will set up our smartphones together and have additional training on various online proselyting tools. If all goes well, we will begin using our smartphones after the April zone conferences. We will have additional trainings thereafter.

Is that enough excitement for one day??? Thank you for being the caliber of missionaries who will see this technology as a gift from Heavenly Father intended to further His work in highly effective ways. We look forward to a period of preparation that will put us in the best position to succeed. We’re grateful for your consecrated efforts. Don’t let this distract you from your preeminent focus on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. There are nine valiant souls on date for baptism this coming week! You are working with some remarkable sons and daughters of God.

We love you,

Pres. & Sister Lewis



So this morning we invited the McKeens and the Royals to join our staff meeting to discuss all the ramifications of this phone movement.

2018-2-26 Monday Office (2)2018-2-26 Monday Office (3)The missionaries are pretty excited!2018-2-26 Monday Office (4)2018-2-26 Monday Office (5)2018-2-26 Monday Office (7)2018-2-26 Monday Office (6)2018-2-26 Monday Office (8)2018-2-26 Monday Office (9)2018-2-26 Monday Office (10)2018-2-26 Monday Office (11)2018-2-26 Monday Office (12)2018-2-26 Monday Office (14)Sister Call is our phone Queen and the McKeens are going to help with the technology and trouble shooting.  They purchased an Android phone so they can learn everything we need to know.  Sis McKeen showed us a SIM card and explained how they work (we’re all old and new at this).2018-2-26 Monday Office (15)2018-2-26 Monday Office (16)2018-2-26 Monday Office (17)We’ll be figuring things out in the next few weeks, while missionaries figure out getting their phones!2018-2-26 Monday Office (18)2018-2-26 Monday Office (19)2018-2-26 Monday Office (20)2018-2-26 Monday Office (21)Some were not quite so excited.  Some LIKE having paper planners with covers they can decorate.2018-2-26 Monday Office (22)2018-2-26 Monday Office (23)2018-2-26 Monday Office (25)2018-2-26 Monday Office (26)2018-2-26 Monday Office (27)We are moving into a whole new arena!  This is going to be FUN!

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