Interviews in the Selah Zone

2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (7)This morning we went to the Englewood building here in Yakima to start interviews with members of the Selah Zone.  This is our English-speaking zone here in the Yakima and Selah areas.

I continue to ask each for 3 pieces of their best advice for a new missionary.

Sister Karren and Sister Thayer, serving in the Yakima 2nd Ward, west area2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (3)Sister Karren:  Don’t feel like you have to know everything now!!  Pray in your mind and just talk to Heavenly Father all the time!  Have fun and laugh.

Sister Thayer:  Pray.  Serve.  Work, work, work.

Elder Perdue and Elder Smith, serving in the Yakima 2nd Ward, east area2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (13)Elder Perdue:  Don’t stress about the little things.  Use Preach My Gospel!  Get out of the apartment and work!

Elder Smith:  Write in your journal!  Read the Book of Mormon every day.  Put yourself out there.
Elder Smith has filled his first personal journal!2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (11)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (12)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (15)

Elder DeLaney and Elder Chidester, serving in the Yakima 3rd Ward, north area2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (18)Elder DeLaney:  Work hard.  Offer service to others.  Use scriptures often.

Elder Chidester:  Follow the rules–it’s easier that way.  Have fun.  Love.

Here’s where Elder Chidester keeps a poetry collection:2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (16)We took these 4 Elders to their apartment after visiting with them.2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (27)

Next we went to the Selah Stake Center to continue the interviews there.2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (29)I got to use the seminary room.2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (30)

Elder Overson and Elder Miller, serving in Naches2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (38)Elder Overson:  There is so much joy in giving 100% to God.  Be humble–you learn and feel the Spirit so much more.  Love everyone.

Elder Miller: Don’t be scared to try new things.  Be yourself.  Talk to us about anything, don’t be shy.

2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (31)Elder Overson loves keeping a journal.  “I get all happy when I write in it!”2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (32)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (33)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (34)

Sister Fleming and Sister Glover, serving in Terrace Heights2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (40)Sister Fleming:  Go out with the missionaries before you come out.  Study Preach My Gospel a lot.  Buy comfortable shoes.

Sister Glover:  Bring comfortable proselyting clothes & shoes!  Bring lots of stamps!  Don’t stress about trying to know everything–you learn best through practice.

Sis Fleming has a picture of her recent converts, Skeet and Lisa on her planner:2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (41)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (45)

Sister Baggett and Sister Judd, serving in the Selah 2nd Ward2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (47)Sister Baggett:  Study the Book of Mormon daily.  Always remember you’re where the Lord wants/needs you to be!  “Lift where you stand.”

Sister Judd:  Read the Book of Mormon!  Learn how to cook.  Just go with it–you can’t control everything.

Elder Donakey and Elder North, Zone Leaders in the Selah Zone, serving in the Selah 1st Ward2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (56)Elder Donakey:  Never let yourself get discouraged.  Just keep working!  You will never be changed by your mission if you don’t learn to love others as yourself.  Have fun, be wise, but have fun.

Elder North:  Don’t count the days!  Write in your journal, write the cool stories.  Don’t try to impress anyone (especially missionaries).

Here is Elder Donakey’s Binder.  He keeps all his papers and handouts here, safe and sound.2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (51)

This story when right along with the discussion we’re having this time about the gratitude that is expressed by those who receive ordinances that allow them to progress.

2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (52)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (55)2018-2-27 Interviews Selah Zone (58)After finishing this evening, we drove 2 hours north to Wenatchee.  We’ll be up north for the rest of the week!

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