Interviews in Wenatchee

2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (3)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (1)Today we stayed in Wenatchee for a very full day of interviews here.  We came bearing vacuums, packages and treats.2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (4)

Sister Felter and Sister Hannah, serving in the Wenatchee YSA and Castlerock Wards2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (5)Sister Felter:  Soak up all that you can and apply it.  Be yourself.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Make sure you find joy in the journey.

Sister Hannah:  Memorize scriptures!  Role play a ton of hard doorstep approaches.  It’s is okay to laugh at yourself.

Sister Zollinger and Sister Hoskin, serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Ward2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (6)Sister Zollinger:  Have fun!  Enjoy your mission and spending time with other missionaries.  Love the people!  These people will change your life and be in it forever.  Work!  There is no better way to be happy than to go work.

Sister Hoskin:  Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Exercise well and walk often–you’ll sleep better.  Keep finding ways to constantly be improving yourself.2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (9)

Sister Hoskin says she’s trying to get used to knocking:2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (12)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (13)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (14)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (16)

Elder Dick and Elder Holt, serving in the Wenatchee Rocky Reach Ward2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (15)Elder Dick:  Go to bed on time.  You won’t regret it.  Always have a stash of candy.  Love everyone with all of your heart!

Elder Holt:  Obedience is the key to witnessing miracles!  Don’t forget you’re not on your own time.  Smile, be happy.  This is the best part of your life!  Enjoy it!2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (20)

Hermana Burrup and Hermana Petersen, serving in the East Reach Spanish area2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (21)Hermana Burrup:  Learn to love the people as fast as you can (it makes it much better).  Mosiah 2:41 (Consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. . .”).  Have fun and be yourself.  Our God wants us to be happy.

Hermana Petersen:  Don’t get to caught up in Time.  Everything will work out when it does.  Love your companion.  Believe that you can do ANYTHING through God.2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (26)

2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (25)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (29)

Elder Jensen and Elder Ready, serving in the Wenatchee Eastmont Ward2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (30)Elder Jensen:  Learn about the area.  Be patient.  Do your best.

Elder Ready:  Pray a lot!  Make yourself do things you hate (for me it’s things like talking on the phone and awkward conversations).  Embrace the awkward.  Don’t eat dumb stuff (too much sugar).

Elder Gifford and Elder Merrill, serving in the Wenatchee Sage Hills Ward2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (31)Elder Gifford:  Unpack everything.  This is Home!!  Plant yourself.  Rearrange things and make each apartment your home.  Dive in.  You won’t love it until you try.  Love everyone!

Elder Merrill:  Read the Book of Mormon a lot!  Learn to cook.  Love the hard things (like being away for 2 long years, or tracting).

Elder Hancock and Elder Larkin, serving in the Wenatchee Columbia Hills Ward2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (35)Elder Hancock:  Smile a lot.  Stay focused.  Be obedient.

Elder Larkin: Love the people.  Follow the rules.  Have fun!

2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (36)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (38)

Hermana Robinson and Hermana Lin, serving as STLs in the Columbia Hills Spanish Ward2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (41)Hermana Robinson:  Focus on what you CAN do and what’s in YOUR control.  Learn to embrace your time as a missionary (don’t just endure).  Remember that you don’t have to learn everything all at once (and that the Holy Ghost helps you!).  Don’t stress!

Hermana Lin:  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (Spanish speakers).  Trust that your best efforts are enough to the Lord.  Know that the Holy Ghost will help you and your companion know what to say.2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (42)2018-3-1 Interviews Wenatchee (45)

Elder Judd and Elder Turley, serving in the Wenatchee River and Leavenworth Wards2018-3-2 Interviews Wenatchee (19)Elder Judd:  You are on the Lord’s time!  Cherish your personal study time.  Love your companion.

Elder Turley:  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Work hard.  Love the people you teach.

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