Interviews in Quincy

2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (1)We stopped at Double Diamond Packing Shed on our way into Quincy to pick up a couple of flats of huge Honey Crisp apples.  Here’s a peek through the window into the packing shed:2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (2)Then on to the church in Quincy, where we met our 4 good Elders.2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (3)2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (4)2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (6)

Elder Jensen and Elder Cox, serving in Quincy east2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (9)Elder Jensen:  Be really good friends with members/everyone.  Read Preach My Gospel a lot everyday.  BE GOOD.

Elder Cox:  Love the people you serve.  Be confident.  Buy shoe inserts.

Elder Alonzo and Elder Shoemaker, serving in Quincy west2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (10)Elder Alonzo:  Keep in your mind and heart the good moments.  Remember who you are and why you are here.  Just think of others and not of yourself.

Elder Shoemaker: Develop an immovable deep relationship to Heavenly Father through prayer.  Come to know Christ PERSONALLY.  Don’t wait for the display of weakness to pray for strength.  Treat each individual individually, and with charity.2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (12)2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (14)A good member dinner delivery!2018-3-2 Quincy, Interviews (15)

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