Interviews in Ellensburg

2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (1)Yes, it snowed in Ellensburg today, but not very long.  We were warm and comfy inside as we met with these 11 missionaries.

Here is their best advice for a new missionary:

Elder Nielsen and Elder Thompson serving in the Ellensburg 2nd Ward2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (2)Elder Nielsen:  Be obedient, you’ll regret it later if you aren’t.  Work hard.  Appreciate all of your companions and learn from them.

Elder Thompson: Be obedient, as the rules are meant to invigorate the work.  Learn from Everyone.  Write down everything you’ve learned in your journal.  Love Everyone.  Even the ones who aactively oppose you.  There is something to love in everyone.2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (6)

Sister Walker, the Relief Society President in the 1st Ward, is working with these Sisters to find those who need to be found and loved back into activity.2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (7)

Sister Richmond and Sister Cannell, serving in the Ellensburg 1st Ward2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (9)Sister Richmond:  Don’t worry, everything will be OK and you will figure it out.  Always be yourself.  Laugh.  Tell jokes.  These people are your brothers and sisters, so love them and be yourself.  All you have to do is decide to go out and work.  Tell God He has to do the rest, and He will.

Sister Cannell:  Don’t over think things!  Buckle down and get to work!  Don’t compare yourself to other missionaries–this isn’t a popularity contest!2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (5)

Elder Spitzer and Elder Sellers, serving in Cle Elum2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (11)Elder Spitzer:  Write in your journal for your posterity.  [He promised me again he would start doing this. . . ]  Don’t spend all your money on junk food.  Study Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon.

Elder Sellers:  Learn from your trainer/companions.  Be yourself.  Don’t be robotic.2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (14)

Hermanas Linford, Heinekin and Finch, serving in the Ellensburg 1st Ward and Spanish areas2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (17)Hermana Linford: [oh dear.  We were so busy talking, I forgot to have her share her best advice.  Sorry.  Hermana Linford’s father passed away yesterday.  She is being strong and good.]

Hermana Heineken:  Love the people as if you are already best friends.  Be patient.  The language will come.

Hermana Finch:  Bring members to lessons.  Ask questions!!!  Learn to be a good planner.2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (15)Learning vocabulary:2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (16)

Elder Hart and Elder Leonard, serving in the Ellensburg 3rd Ward2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (21)Elder Hart:  Run fast (Dogs!).  Read and get to know the Book of Mormon well.  Personalize the scriptures to yourself.

Elder Leonard:  Bring as little as possible on your mission (stuff).  Make your morning time count–use that time wisely.  Take care of your physical and spiritual needs.2018-3-8 Interviews Ellensburg (24)

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