Interviews in Sunnyside

2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (22)This afternoon we spent in Sunnyside.  Here are the good missionaries serving here.

Hermana Brenchley and Hermana Johnson, serving in the Sunnyside East Area2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (15)Hermana Brenchley:  Expect change.  Everything that happens is part of God’s plan–even if it doesn’t go your way, it’s God’s way.  Just love.  The best way to enjoy every moment is to pray to love absolutely everything.

Hermana Johnson:  Read the Book of Mormon every day!  Learn to love quickly.  When you pack your suitcases, pack one specifically for the MTC and one for the field.  It will make your life so much easier when you leave the MTC.

Sister Reidhead and Sister Tenney, serving in the Sunnyside East Area2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (16)Sister Reidhead:  You won’t know everything all at once.  Be patient!  Set goals for how you want your mission to change you.  Look for the good.

Sister Tenney:  Pretend like you know what you’re doing.  Talk to everyone.  Be as selfless as you can.

Sis Reidhead and I both had the same music teacher, Mindy Flake!2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (19)

Elder Gallacher and Elder Dale, serving in Sunnyside, Spanish2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (24)Elder Gallacher:  Learn to love the people.  Learn to love the work.  Always have a purpose and plan with your companion.

Elder Dale: Nobody expects you to know what you’re doing, so don’t worry.  Personal study is so important.  Realize that you can learn from anyone.

Elder Rocha and Elder Aiden Anderson, serving in Sunnyside, English2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (27)Elder Rocha:  Choose food wisely.  No trunky/distract yourself.  Don’t think of going home.  Page 33.19 of the white handbook:  be appropriate with the opposite gender.

Elder Anderson:  Know the scriptures.  Know Preach My Gospel.  Know the nature of Heavenly Father.

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